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[Keynote] A Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower

About This Fireside Chat

This year at CodeLand 2022, @saron — Founder of CodeNewbie and Disco — will be joined by Kelsey Hightower (Principal Software Engineer at Google Cloud and a respected voice in cloud computing and open source) for an informal but enlightening fireside chat aimed at benefitting early-career software developers. You can find Kelsey on Twitter here.

Talk Recording

🌈 After experiencing this fireside chat, please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below! We also encourage you to leave questions for Kelsey in this thread — he might address them live during his panel!

This fireside chat will be presented as part of CodeLand 2022 (June 16 & 17, 2022). It will be streamed as part of the conference, and added to this post as a recorded video.

Latest comments (98)

nitya profile image
Nitya Narasimhan • Edited on

Just wrote a post on the keynote and shared a sketchnote that summarizes it if useful. The post has a link to a high-resolution version of the image that is easier to read, print or view on a 4K display.



victor_gp profile image
Víctor González Prieto

Super interesting and with some very actionable advice, thank you both!

I'd love to hear/read more about how Kelsey uses Wardley maps for career planning.

marceloarraes profile image
Marcelo Arraes Teixeira

Hi! I was watching the interview with this great guy yesterday but today when i come finish watching i could't find it. Can anyone point me to the interview between sara and the Kelsey Hightower please?

ken82578163 profile image
Zara Kennedy

I recently started coding and I've been at it for almost 6 months and it still feels like I know nothing. I've also not been able to reach out to people with similar interest and it's been a downer for me

taurist profile image
Tauri StClaire

Thank you Kelsey!

I appreciate what you had to say about "deep learning" when it comes to learning a new trade.

I feel you apply this deep reflection to everything you do!
whenever friends approached you with difficult community issues, asked questions about your stance, etc.
You looked at the context, did research, and self-reflected.

Tying in the chat about "celebrating your misteaks," it's never about doing it "right" and how people expect, it's about being authentic about where you're coming from, and conscientious as you navigate

peacesandy profile image
Peace Sandy

Please can you share some advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome

fizzybuzzybeezy profile image

Hi Kelsey! Great to hear your talk and background! I had a friend who went the same certification route in ATL around 2001 or so. Small world! His career took off as well. I actually knew several high school class mates who went the certificate route and started their own companies to great success. Definitely the way to go at the time. My path was different, but c'est la vie. All it means, is there are many ways to make it. Like you said in your talk, find a thing and community you like and that will be your cohort during your near-career to lean on be leaned on. Thanks for your insights!

What would you tell someone who's in tech, but feels pigeon-holed in an older area for 15+ years and wants to change into something fresh and new? Thank you!

klove2016 profile image

What was the best mistake you made (career-wise or personal) and what did you learn/take from it?

anamonteiro430 profile image
Ana Monteiro

What "stable technologies", that may be overlooked by early-career developers, do you personally recommend learning? 💻

divyanshpingle profile image
Divyansh Pingle 👾 • Edited on

You said about not giving up till it finally clicks . As a student I need to explore different technology domains so that I can finally figure out what my interests are and what I want to continue with . But so far , doing this I am not able to entirely focus on one particular thing and always wander around elsewhere if , I get stuck. You must have a similar kind of experience during your early-career days , what did you do to find the right thing which worked out for you . Please guide me so that I can do the same .

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Heyo Kelsey! Excellent chat with Saron. Thanks for being here with us at CodeLand today.

Question: If you could go back in time and do one thing differently in your career, what would it be?

techgirl007 profile image

Kelsey, how do you handle unrealistic expectations by an employer and management?

anamonteiro430 profile image
Ana Monteiro

What would be the open-source project you're more invested in and passionate about right now? I loved the chat, it was really inspiring and full of useful advice, thank you! 😊

rafaelbpires profile image
Rafael B. Pires

Great talk Kelsey, very insightful!

pramitsingh0 profile image
Pramit Singh

How do you network with people? the right people? I have googled this question many a times, but haven't found a satisfied answer. I guide from the expert himself will be really appreciated. Thanks for the awesome session team!