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Hannah Hazi for CodeLand 2022

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[On-Demand Talk] How I Tracked My Pregnancy with Python & Emojis

About this talk

While I was pregnant I developed a web app to track my progress in a fun and different way - with emoji! I used the web framework Anvil which let me write the app entirely in Python - no need to worry about CSS or HTML.

I'll talk you through how I put the app together and added custom links, a login portal, weekly email updates to my users and more.

Try out the app here!

Talk Recording



🌈 Comment below and ask me questions — I might just answer them during my live speaker discussion!

About me

Hi! I'm Hannah Hazi. I'm a software engineer based in Cambridge, UK. I originally wanted to become a civil engineer but fell in love with Python after exploring 3D printing and never looked back. I currently works at Anvil as a Developer Advocate, helping people build web apps with nothing but Python. In my spare time, I love playing with Raspberry Pi and making art. My website is

This on-demand talk is part of CodeLand 2022 — a virtual conference brought to you by CodeNewbie & DEV on June 16 & 17, 2022.

Top comments (22)

dortizkosobucki profile image
Daniela Ortiz-Kosobucki

Hello Hannah! I am a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who is starting into the software dev world. I love learning and hearing of tools people are creating to help people who are pregnant, so thank you so much for your app, your talk, and sharing your resources!

dulyaaa profile image
Dulya Perera • Edited

Wooahh..!! Amazing talk @raspberrycheesecake 😍😇😊 And I love your baby boy.. he is sooo cuteee..👦

anyanka profile image

I never heard of Anvil until today but it looks cool and I really like Python, thanks for sharing your work, I'll try it. :)

raspberrycheesecake profile image
Hannah Hazi

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! 😊 I'll try and get to each of your specific questions during my live chat later, and add my thoughts in text here as well

madelene profile image
Madelene Campos

I love Python as well. Thanks for the talk!

tsbrun profile image
Anya Brun

Belated congratulations on your little boy! We need more women making apps and other products for women. Thank you for demonstrating what that looks like!

aigarspl profile image
Aigars Pluģis • Edited

The tool and used technology is so good, at least you can track yourself and your baby as well (even tho it's not directly relevant to me).

btw, great talk, Hannah!

rzuick profile image
Rebecca Z

This is such a fun talk Hannah!

  1. I love the emoji use! Python3 is the BEST for that
  2. It's so awesome you were able to make something because of a gap you identified in pregnancy apps. I'm working on a side project to track food for my picky eater.
  3. Was the user authentication/account creation very difficult for you?
raspberrycheesecake profile image
Hannah Hazi
  1. Yesss I am a big fan of languages that fully support Unicode 🎉
  2. That food tracking app sounds like a cool idea! I've had some good and not so good app experiences with tracking weaning so far - I'm not sure if any of them's really nailed it for me yet
  3. Nope! I kind of cheated using Anvil to make this app, honestly. There's authentication for Google, Facebook and Microsoft accounts already baked in - I just used the Google one but I could have added more
michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Excellent talk, Hannah!

How do you balance your time between your day job, home life, and your side projects?

yamcodes profile image

Thanks for the talk, Hannah! I've just signed up for Anvil, excited to try it out :)

faruqjada profile image

So you mean everyone can use your website to track their pregnancy? Or does he/she has to go to anvil and create his/her own python codes?

raspberrycheesecake profile image
Hannah Hazi • Edited

Yes, anyone can just go to and use the site to track their pregnancy - they can sign up for emails if they want to as well, or just make an account.

The Python code part just shares how I made it - with a copy of my code and your own anvil app you could make your own version if you wanted to and host it somewhere else (maybe with even cooler emoji??)

srivera12 profile image
Sarah Rivera

This was a fun and interesting talk!

anamonteiro430 profile image
Ana Monteiro

Loved the fun project combined with more useful information from NHS. Good job! 😉

devencourt profile image
brian bethencourt

Congrats on this cool app! Did this process of building "How Pregnant Am I?" give you ideas for other child development apps?

raspberrycheesecake profile image
Hannah Hazi

Oh, I totally forgot to mention another one I already put together, actually! When I was tired of twiddling my thumbs waiting around for my little one to put in an appearance I made a data dashboard about due date science (turns out the due date is NOT the whole story):

rodrigomarinhog profile image
Rodrigo Marinho Guimarães

Hello, Hannah!

Loved your presentation and Anvil! I'm currently learning Python, CSS and HTML. Having a tool that join it altogether made me super interested! How can i learn more about Anvil?

raspberrycheesecake profile image
Hannah Hazi

There's a friendly forum on their site - or you can just get started with a beginner tutorial - I think this might be the first one I ever tried? it's pretty newbie friendly

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