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#CNC2021 "Get a Job" Mission 5 [pt. I] Submission Thread

Note: If this information doesn't sound familiar, it's probably because you haven't seen the email for Mission 5 [pt. I]. Look for it in your inbox and don't forget to check your spam folder!

After completing all the steps in your Mission 5 [pt. I] email, share what interview prep advice has worked for you in the past. If you've never participated in an interview, what are you looking forward to trying in your future interviews?Β Post your favorite tips below!

Mission 5 [pt. I]... done!

Congrats on challenging yourself to Get a Job! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Get a Job Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general!) write a #help post and share with the community!

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What I had to learn for interviews to make them more professional was definitely No6: Questions to the interviewer. Being able to ask questions makes the interview feel more like a conversation and I am able to relax a bit more than just sitting there and getting bombed with questions where I always am nervous if I have a proper answer to it.