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[#CNC2022 "Get a Job" Cohort 1] Share your favorite interview tips!

This thread is for participants in Cohort 1 of #CNC2022's "Get a Job" Challenge.

Mission 5 pt. I Discussion Thread

After you've completed the reading and exercises in your Mission 5 pt. I email, respond to the following prompt...

1. What interview prep advice has worked for you in the past?
2. If you've never participated in an interview, what are you looking forward to trying in your future interviews?
3. Share your favorite interview tips! Β 

Scan through the comments after you've posted your own and interact with 1-2 other people. Don't forget to follow these people on CodeNewbie Community if you aren't already!Β 

Congrats on challenging yourself to Get a Job! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Get a Job Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general) write a #help post on CodeNewbie Community or DEV and share with the community!

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Rodrigo Diaz

The best tips I've been given and that I have used on interviews:

  • If you don't have an answer at that moment, ask for a little bit of time to think about it, or if it is possible to come back at that question later in the interview.
  • It is ok to bring a notebook with some answers prepared.
  • Dress for the job you want.
  • Always have at least one question to ask them at the end of the interview (or when prompted)