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[#CNC2022 "Write More" Cohort 1] Reflect on your writing journey!

This thread is for participants in Cohort 1 of #CNC2022's "Write More" Challenge.

Mission 5/Completion Discussion Thread

HUGE congrats on making it through the Write More Challenge of #CNC2022 for Cohort 1. What a huge accomplishment!

After you've completed the reading and exercises in your Mission 5 email, respond to the following in the thread below...

1. Drop a link to your reflection post (template here).
2. Tell us what you're most proud of having accomplished/learned over the past few weeks.
3. Optional: Drop a GIF that captures how you feel about having completed this challenge πŸŽ‰

Once you’re done, find someone else'sΒ postΒ and give them some feedback. What stands out to you? What points were most interesting? What did you want to learn more about? Be kind and specific in your feedback!

Congrats on challenging yourself to Write More! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Write More Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general) write a #help post on CodeNewbie Community or DEV and share with the community!

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I am proud that once again I finished a challenge, overcome obstacles and did not give up til the bitter end.

Curious about my reflection post? Check it out here.

Proud Pikachu