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#CNC2021 "Start Coding" Mission 3 Submission Thread

Note: If none of these instructions sound familiar to you, check your email inbox! Don't see the Mission messages? Check your spam folder!

After completing all the reading and steps in your Mission 3 email, post in the thread below about the primary resource you’re going to use and why you picked it. If you have any feedback on the resources others are suggesting, leave a comment!

Need an accountability buddy? This thread is a great place to find one! Simply mention that you'd like a buddy in your comment. If someone offers, be sure to follow one another so you can direct message right on CodeNewbie. If you don't feel you need one but you see someone else in need, consider reaching out to offer your support :)

Reminder: No need to drop a link to your worksheet! That's for your personal use only. Instead, please respond to the homework prompt directly in the comments.

Congrats on challenging yourself to Start Coding! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Start Coding Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general!) write a #help post and share with the community!

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sabineemden profile image
Sabine Emden (she/her)

I'm going to focus my learning on frontend development. More specifically, I'm going to start by learning HTML & CSS. My top five resources are:

Of these, I'm going to start with Modern HTML & CSS from the Beginning by Brad Traversy on Udemy.

I picked this course because it is very affordable if you can get it on sale. It covers a wide range of topics, including HTML and CSS basics, responsive design, Flexbox, CSS Grid, and Sass. The course is very hands-on with learning section and several code-along projects, and contains a lot of very helpful tips like keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio Code.

I'm going to track my learning by reviving my learning tracker on GitHub.

Happy coding!

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Really nice work! You're on a great track here :)

bharads profile image
Bharadwaj Sridharan • Edited on

CNC2021 Start Coding - Mission 3

I'm going to focus on Java with 2 resources - 1. Udemy course (In 28 Minutes) and 2. Oracle Press - Java The Complete Reference book. I've started learning last week and continue to maintain the streak with at least half hour daily (including practice in IDE). Been using 'HabitShare' app to keep a track on my activity.

opheliagame profile image
Anushka Trivedi

my goal is to start brushing up my javascript using problems on codewars and go through the react course at
i also want to start reading about programming languages from

sobrinap profile image

I have access to Pluralsight and will be completing a few JavaScript tutorials on it this week. I've already completed a beginner one, so I want to concentrate on some of the intermediate ones. After that I found some recourses that focus on creating projects, which is how I learn coding best. I plan on spending at least 1 hour a night. I will be using Trello to track my learning progress.

sjunaidhashmi profile image
Junaid Hashmi • Edited on

My ultimate goal is to be a Full-stack web developer. So, for now, I am gonna focus on Front-end development.
I'm already building some simple projects with HTML & CSS and now learning JavaScript.
My learning resources are:

  • The Odin Project
  • freeCodeCamp
  • Youtube channels like Treversy Media, Web Dev Simplified etc
  • W3 schools Tutorials
  • MDN Documentation.

The Odin Project and freeCodeCamp are amazing beginner-friendly resources because they focus on learning by building projects.
For the next few weeks, I'm gonna focus on my 100DaysOfCode journey. I'm learning JavaScript and also exercising HTML & CSS.

Looking for an accountability buddy? Let's connect on Twitter!

anushkacodergirl profile image
Anushka Raj

I’m going to focus my learning on Full Stack Development.
More specifically, I’m going to start by learning JavaScript & Python and then React, and Django Framework.
My top 5 resources for learning this are:

Of these, I’m going to start with Freecodecamp picked this because it’s free of cost. I love the curriculum of this website. First, learn then build projects to earn the certificate.

I’m going to track my learning each week by my learning tracker

Happy Coding!
Happy Writing!

jrlunap profile image
𝔏𝔦𝔠. π”π”²π”«π”ž • Edited on

I chose JS. My top 5 resources for learning this are:
CS50 Harvard @ Edx
Free code camp
I’m going to track my learning each week with: Google Docs and a Habits tracker mobile app.
Does anybody want/need an accountability buddy? Let's connect!

paulwebdev profile image
Paul D

Focusing on front end development. Will be following "the Odin Project" curriculum. I like the way the curriculum is structured, it takes out the guess work of choosing what topic to study next.

lantha profile image
Nabin Baidya

Thank you for pointing out a great resource. I will also start with this along with MDN and W3C.

sobrinap profile image

Great resource. I added it to my list. Thank you!!

gabrielruiz21 profile image
Gabriel Esteban Ruiz Meneses

Hello, I am going to focus on Python with many resources. But the main one is google for education / python. here is the link if anyone is interested.

induja profile image

I've decided to focus on Pluralsight for C++ as I found it pretty straightforward. I'm going to try learning to read the documentation additionally whenever I get stuck. Although I think I will definitely reach out to a variety of sources while I learn.

adridwk profile image
Adri Kostecki

Looking for an accountability buddy
I have been feeling a little lost, my JS course is coming to an end and I was unsure where to go and this weeks challenge really helped me to focus.
I am learning front end development and this week I am wrapping up:

The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert!

It is a indebt course by Jonas Schmedtmann. I would recommend his courses, particularly if you need the extra details to learn.

I now have HTML, CSS, and JS in my toolkit and need to practise these before I can move on. My first thought was to build my own project but I struggle to get code in my IDE, so I have compiled a few fun resources, each one taking 30-60 minutes a day, to refresh and help me get over writers block.
β€’ 50 Projects In 50 Days - HTML, CSS & JavaScript – Brad Traversy and Florin Pop
β€’ 30 days Vanilla JS Coding Challenge – Wes Bos
β€’ Conquering Responsive Layouts – Kevin Powell
β€’ Node.js Crash Course – The Net Ninja
β€’ Codewars
β€’ GitHub
I am tracking my progress on Google Docs and Google Tasks.

If you know any other good resources for practising building pages/websites with HTML, CSS, and vanilla JS, I would be grateful for your recommendations.

ycode3 profile image
Yoshi • Edited on

My focus is web development, so I chose to use Codecademy. I chose it because it clearly explains concepts and takes me through step by step when I have to write the code. It also tells me what I'm doing wrong. I'm using Trello to keep track of what I'm learning.

noviicee profile image

I have decided to take up several courses from Udemy on Bootstrap and JavaScript (combined as well as independent courses). I feel combined courses are the best on Udemy. Also for independent courses, I have decided to go for Coursera. It has a bunch of good ones. Will also try to look for more on Edx, FreeCodeCamp, Codewars as they also provide some great learning resources. πŸ’š

koshirok096 profile image

I’m going to learn basic frontend skillset (Javascript, and later move on to JS frameworks Vue.js or React).
I researched a bit and freeCodeCamp seems fits to me so I use it as primary resource.

I set 3 steps :

  1. Complete β€œJavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures” / freeCodeCamp, until the end of June.

  2. For practice, build small Javascript projects x 5-10 (not sure yet detail and deadline). Maybe I’ll make pomodoro, or something.

  3. Build my portfolio website (in Summer - Fall). I’m planing to build it with smooth transition by using vue.js, or something similar.

I will track the time by Taskuma app and keep a record everyday in my Evernote.
The plan may change later, but I hope to accomplish them step by step :)

chikichew profile image
Nicki (she/her)

I'm going to focus on learning Python for now and will use the free Codecademy Python 2 course.
My goal is to finish it in 3-4 weeks, as I have quite a lot of time right now.
If I enjoy it enough I have other courses lined up I researched that I can use to earn a certificate.