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#CNC2021 "Write More" Help Thread

This is your place to ask general challenge-related questions about the "Write More" track of the 2021 CodeNewbie Challenge.

Leave your questions below as a comment and our organizers will get back to you ASAP 💚

Reminder: All of the assignments for each mission are sent out via email when you sign up for a challenge. Remember to check your spam folder if you didn't receive your first mission — and please add to your contacts list!

What this thread is for...

  • General questions about the challenge overall (i.e. "How long is this challenge?")
  • Mission-specific questions (i.e. "I find this week's mission confusing because XYZ. Can you help?")
  • Helping one another out. If you know the answer to something someone else is asking, feel free to answer them!

This thread is not for technical questions about coding. For those, you'll want to create a post and include the #help tag. Here is a template for your help posts to guide you further :)

Please stay on topic and respectful of one another 💚

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gaurang847 profile image

For Mission 2 [pt.2], are we supposed to create a new unpublished post. Or use the same one that we created for Mission 2 [pt. 1]?

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Good question! We recommend you start a new draft for the outline you choose to expand upon in Mission 2 pt. 2 :)