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[#CNC2022 Cohort 1] "Get a Job" Welcome Thread

Hello and welcome to #CNC2022's "Get a Job" Welcome Thread for Cohort 1!

We're so excited you've committed to this five-week challenge.

In the thread below, leave one comment, containing responses to the following prompts:

  • Introduce yourself to the other participants and tell us why you signed up for the "Get a Job" challenge.
  • Summarize where your skills are at currently and what you'd like to improve upon
  • Tell us your ideal job titles

After you've left your own comment, scan through the thread and introduce yourself to a few people by replying to their comments! If anything they've said resonates with you, let them know! Then, be sure to follow one another here on CodeNewbie Community.

Top comments (4)

alekseisaunders profile image
Alex Saunders

I'm Alex. Currently working in Conservation and Animal Husbandry but looking to make a switch to Front End and Full Stack Web Dev. I've been taking Codecademy, Scrimba, ZTM and a variety of other learning paths to develop a base of skills.

I hope this challenge will help direct my energy into networking and finding a job (or at least narrowing down the pool of jobs I'd like ot apply to).

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Welcome to the community good luck on your journey.

dev_tgt profile image
Timothy Taylor

Hey everyone! I'm Tim, a career changing developer (from woodworker/chef). I recently finished The Odin Project Ruby on Rails path and my main strengths in Javascript + React, Ruby + Rails, HTML, and CSS.

I started applying for fullstack / frontend positions at the start of the new year, and, from this Cohort 1 challenge, hope to gain new perspectives on the job search process and get better at networking.

I think my ideal job title is somewhere between Frontend Developer and Software Developer.

rodrigohdiaz profile image
Rodrigo Diaz

Hey all! I'm Rodrigo, ex flight attendant, and in 2020 I lost my job so I'm looking to stat a job in web development.
My main skills are in Front End (I have a background in architecture as well) and in junior/entry level; I would like to improve my self confidence, you know... imposter syndrome.
My ideal jobs is front end developer :)