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[#CNC2022 "Get a Job" Cohort 1] Tell us about your networking experiences!

This thread is for participants in Cohort 1 of #CNC2022's "Get a Job" Challenge.

Mission 3 pt. I Discussion Thread

After you've completed the reading and exercises in your Mission 3 pt. I email (to be sent on Monday, February 14, 2022), respond to the following prompts...

1. Tell us about any networking meetings you were able to set up! How did they go? Were you nervous going in? What was surprising about the experience?
2. If you didn't manage to set up any networking meetings, what are some of the obstacles standing in your way?
3. Did anything in your Mission 3 experience impact the way you'll approach your job search going forward?

Scan through the comments after you've posted your own and interact with 1-2 other people. Don't forget to follow these people on CodeNewbie Community if you aren't already! 

Congrats on challenging yourself to Get a Job! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Get a Job Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general) write a #help post on CodeNewbie Community or DEV and share with the community!

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Timothy Taylor

I summoned the energy to shoot off 6 messages to mostly developers (and a couple of recruiters) through a combination of email and LinkedIn. No responses.

It seems like the hiring process has been abstracted away from the human level at most companies. I mean, I read blog posts from a couple years ago and it talks about communicating with the person in involved in the hiring process, but I haven't seen a human face to any of the job postings I've seen. It is all just these 'middleware' hiring companies handling the front of the process.

That being said, I think this is leading me to a more effective job search approach. See a job you like? Message someone at the company. Put together a more customized application for that company. At some point something has got to give, right?

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Rodrigo Diaz

I have to say, this is way out of my comfort zone, but was happy to reach out to a couple of people. One of them wanted to catch up and so we did. It was a really interesting experience, as in my case he was really nice and approachable and we talked about the same experience about how hard it is to get a job and offered to have a look at my Linkedin and my CV and gave me a feedback.

About my job approach, I think this is an interesting approach not follow by many people and could put us in their radar, at the beginning it might be very frightening but practice makes perfect, right? the more we do it, the more confident we will end up approaching new people and get us closer to landing a job.