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CodeNewbie Season 22 Episode 7! Starting out in Open Source with Brian Douglas

In S22E7 of the CodeNewbie Podcast, @saron talks about learning to code, starting a company, takeaways from working at startups, open source insights, and learning through rejection with Brian Douglas, Founder at OpenSauced.

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Brian Douglas is the founder and CEO of OpenSauced, where he works on increasing the knowledge and insights of open-source communities. In the past he’s led Developer Advocacy at GitHub by fostering a community of early adopters through conversations with the top open source maintainers on GitHub.

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Top comments (3)

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Larry Martin • Edited

The discussion on learning through rejection and the significance of open source communities was enlightening. Great episode excited for more from the CodeNewbie Podcast.
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Franz • Edited

I like this format a lot. Short and to the point. And good for newbies like me. Regards from Germany
Franz Holzer
Florist Germany

austinbagwell profile image

I really liked this episode! I appreciate Brian's advice to not be a typo-hunter. I will say that as a novice developer, it is still intimidating to dig through an issues list and find anything I feel ready to fix.