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Applicant Tracking System: The Complete Guide for Recruiters

Your interest in this article suggests that you are either interested in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), want a better understanding of them, or are currently searching for one. You have reached the proper location, no matter which option you choose.

We've compiled this guide to answer all your challenging questions about applicant tracking systems (ATS), and we've provided insights from professionals in the field.

What is Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Application tracking systems, also known as ATS, help streamline the hiring process for new talent. ATS is responsible for managing the completion of the recruitment process, from hosting the career page to scheduling interviews.

Why Use Applicant Tracking System?

These systems support recruiters in cutting down on the amount of time spent analyzing applicant profiles and screening possible options by collecting, sorting, and organizing the resumes of job seekers.

They do this by keeping the application information in a centralized system of record, which allows for the maintenance of candidate information and the development of talent pools.

The HR department of a company will frequently install ATS to increase productivity during the hiring process and make qualifying candidates easier. Many develop ATS standard operating procedures that are implemented through HR training in order to show recruiters how to use it consistently in their hiring activities.

Some free applicant tracking system for recruiters include job advertising capabilities and/or candidate relationship management software solutions for HR staff and recruiters.

It is possible to use an ATS as a solution that operates independently or as a component of an integrated HR management suite.

These technologies can also link with software for new employee onboarding and tools for ATS recruitment marketing, creating a talent acquisition suite.

A product has to meet the following criteria before it can be considered for inclusion in the ATS category:

Collect, analyze, and review potential candidates' resumes and any relevant stuff.
Using a specialized process, you may manage talent pools.
Make it possible for the candidate to interact with HR personnel, the hiring manager, or the recruiter.

Key Features of the Online Applicant Tracking System

When you are starting with an applicant tracking system (ATS), you need to verify some important aspects that will improve your standard recruitment procedure and help you engage with another pleasant situation related to your recruiting.

You should select the ATS Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking software for your company based on the following criteria, regardless of whether it is a small organization or a startup, but you need to calculate your expenditures as well and consider the custom software development costs too


1.Career Page

The ATS system provides help in designing your career page and leads to the creation of an identity from the very beginning of the process of hiring.

Candidates can view all available positions on your career page and may apply directly from that page.

The applicant tracking system (ATS) will automate your career website by including customized input forms, screening of resumes, powerful filters, and email notifications.

2.Customizable Job Board View

Your applicant tracking system will inspect and visualize your hiring processes more effectively, giving you customizable board views specific to each step and job position.

You can save all the papers and contact information related to the application. The ATS tool helps to develop candidate profiles that may be searched for.

3.Easy Job Postings on Multiple Job Boards

Explain how the Applicant Tracking System will increase the efficiency of candidate sourcing and ATS recruitment. With the ATS, posting remote job advertising on sites like Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc., is as simple as clicking a button.

4.Resume Parsing and Screening

An ATS can analyze a resume and turn it into a format that is simple to read by highlighting relevant data. Some ATS can evaluate some other characteristics of a resume beyond the information and skills inside, for example, how creative a resume is. Candidates that don't meet your standards can be eliminated immediately using the application monitoring system.

5.Interview Scheduling & Automated Reminders

Using a cutting-edge ATS, recruiters may sync interview times with Google Calendar. Give your prospective employees the freedom to arrange their interviews and set up reminders for when they have to provide feedback. Some applicant tracking systems allow users to create their interview questions to use with the system.

6.Automated Assessments

Don't bother creating tests and quizzes by yourself. When a candidate advances through the ATS, they will be immediately presented with the following relevant test.

7.Team Collaboration

With an applicant tracking system, you can invite everyone from recruiters to interviewers, give them different levels of access, and work together more efficiently. To put it another way, it facilitates better communication and is a great platform for online collaboration between recruiting team members.

8.Analytics and Reporting

ATS gives hiring analytics. Analytics track career site interaction, social sourcing, and advertising activities. Hiring teams may track all important KPIs using ATS Analytics to optimize their hiring strategy.

*9.Onboarding Tools *

After hiring candidates, begin onboarding. An ATS may help you welcome recruits, introduce them to your organization, and clarify expectations.

Add resource pages for the recruit, such as business values papers, employee benefits, and leave policies.

Companies must step up to attract the most qualified applicants and arrange them when they apply. These ATS features can help you succeed in today's competitive employment market.Onboarding can also be costly. Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools are a great solution to make your IT team more efficient by automating manual tasks for employee onboarding. As a result, you get improved employee workflows and productivity, and enhanced security.

Who can Choose Applicant Tracking System?

Any individual or company looking to cut effort and boost team productivity should test an application tracking system.

These businesses may use ATS:

  • HR managers
  • Staffing companies
  • Startups
  • Hiring Companies
  • Management consultants
  • Freelance recruiters
  • Executive search companies

Best ats software


Freshteam is an all-inclusive HR suite that is well-liked by businesses of all sizes. It is owned by Freshworks, a provider of various business solutions that are both cost-effective and competitive, with the most innovative products available on the market.


BambooHR reduces HR busywork and guesswork. Applicants can be tracked with the Advanced plan. It contains personnel data, benefits tracking, a self-service portal, custom access levels, an open API, and employee satisfaction reporting.


A greenhouse is the best software that manages the entire recruitment process. It automates hiring activities, tracks data, and provides reports. The technology allows team members to collaborate, source applicants through multiple ways, and encourage applicants to reapply.

Greenhouse helps medium-sized companies streamline and optimize their recruitment process.


Workable is a software company that monitors software applications. The best ATS software allows companies lead to work on their website and job boards and manage to recruit.

Workable ATS offers LinkedIn integration, email and calendar sync, essential reports, HRIS integration, interview kits, scorecards, and e-signed offer letters.

Workable has a careers page builder, interview self-scheduling, extensive reporting suite, CSV export, native language option, referrals portal with reporting, automated actions, and Developer API.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit features a comprehensive security mechanism for managing sensitive application data. Companies may manage their whole recruitment process within the Zoho ecosystem. Zoho Recruit is cheap and provides a free trial.


iSmartRecruit is an AI-based recruitment software that provides a highly scalable Applicant Tracking System and Candidate/Client Relationship Management System for mass recruiters, corporate HRs, recruiting and staffing agencies.

The easy-to-use features they offer help to automate repetitive hiring tasks and enable the hiring team to focus on more critical tasks which require a human approach. It enhances positive candidate experience and employer branding image throughout the hiring process.

Also, it reduces the time-to-hire and cost-to-hire, allows to take feedback-driven hiring decisions, strengthens the sourcing process, and uplifts the overall recruitment process.

Final Thoughts On Applicant Tracking System

ATSs simplify and automate your recruiting process, making you more efficient and productive. They improve applicant experience, reduce burden, and boost recruiting results.

ATSs don't recruit, source, or select applicants alone. Before buying one, you should have a strong recruiting and employer branding plan.

Before buying the best ATS software, consider your needs, price, and options, then test-drive them. Use demo calls to ask vendors anything you want and see how their product works to choose the best ATS software.

You're on the right track with these construction components. The candidate trip continues. Focus on talent management to keep hard-won personnel long-term.

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