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Pragmatic Programmer: One Man Book Club

The Pragmatic Programmer by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt has somehow eluded me throughout a 4-year coding/business analysis/project management education, as well as a 2-year programming position.

During my short time in the field, I have done the research and discussion that all programmers must do on the job. Oftentimes I apply this 'gathered knowledge' and move on, and find myself looking back wondering "How did I do that again?".

Long story short, I am reading The Pragmatic Programmer and documenting the process in a 'One Man Book Club' to not only learn and understand the content of the book, but to practice documenting my understanding, interpretation, and feelings during the process.

As an avid CodeNewbie podcast listener, I was instantly excited when I noticed the foreword was written by Saron!

Happy Coding!

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Hello Jake!

I feel as though I heard about this book before, but I've never given it any attention. Seeing you post about it, I decided to look it up.

The Wikipedia article says "the main qualities of what the authors refer to as a pragmatic programmer are being an early adopter, to have fast adaptation, inquisitiveness and critical thinking, realism, and being a jack-of-all-trades".

Do you think this book is living up to that promise so far? If there are actionable tips on how to improve these qualities, I'd be all in on this book as not only a person interested in an occupation focused on programming, but also as a professional already in a tech-based field.

jake profile image

So far, I would say yes. The qualities you listed and their importance are highlighted in section 1 in an extremely understandable and digestible way. I am looking forward to seeing how the authors expand and describe how a programmer can apply those qualities in their code. I am diving into Section 2: "A Pragmatic Approach" today, and will post later on.

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Larry Martin

That sounds like an incredible journey. Documenting your understanding of The Pragmatic Programmer is a fantastic way to solidify your knowledge and reflect on your coding experiences. Keep up the excellent work and happy learning.
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