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Free Android App Development Course For Beginners

Grab this free android app development course for free. It going to be a series of tutorials where I will teach you how to develop basic android applications to pro.

After the course you can:
Work as front-end android developer
Back-end android developer with spring boot
API developer
Full-stack android developer
Be able to interpret the android algorithm

it free, grab it here:

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CodeNewbie Staff

Hey there, would you consider embedding your video here instead of just linking to it? This way folks can see your content and discuss it right here on CodeNewbie without having to navigate elsewhere.

You might not have realized, but CodeNewbie actually allows folks to embed YouTube & Vimeo videos via Liquid Tags:

By the way, here's a link to the editor guide where you can see other liquid tags and formatting options.

Hope this is helpful! 🙂

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Justice Author

Thanks for the guide, I didn't knew about that

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Matt C

Hi Justice,
I was looking over your website and thought you had some great ideas.
However, I did not find an "about" page for you. May I suggest that you add something small. I like to know what someones past experience is all about.

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Justice Author • Edited on

Yes, that's very true Matt.
I actually don't have an about me page, but I think I have to construct one. Thanks for the alert.