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The CNC2021 Discussion Challenge-Live!

mccurcio profile image Matt C ・1 min read

The CodeNewbie Challenge is in its 3rd week. The Challenge this week is to contact with people that may be interesting and helpful to further your job search.

  • So, Let's meet and discuss it!

Take control of the situation and conquer it.
Many of us have been through this job hunt before, so maybe we can help each other.

Join me in a Zoom, or Google Meet platform for

  • 45 minutes, on Wednesday, 5th or Thursday, 6th
  • @ 2 PM (NYC, GMT -4)

Got a better time let's hear it.

For support and practice.
Put your responses below and we can we get a head count?

What will we discuss?

1. The Elevator Speech

I think LetThemTalkTV has a great answer to help.

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chukwukagideon profile image

Don't know what's going on but it seems the publish button in the write a post section is broken

mccurcio profile image
Matt C Author

Hmmm, no problem. What happened?
If you left off the title it may give an error message.
CodeNewbie is still building up its docs...

If you follow me can then chat and figure it out. ;)

chukwukagideon profile image
chukwukagideon profile image

Where can I find the CNC2021 challenge mission, as I've not received any mail for some days now


adiatiayu profile image
Ayu Adiati

Hi @chukwukagideon ,
I see that you're participating in the "Start Coding" challenge.
You can post your question in #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Help Thread and the organizers will answer your question there :)

mccurcio profile image
Matt C Author • Edited

Hi C,
There are 4 different challenges.

  • Start coding
  • Code more
  • Write more
  • Get a job

You can find the Challenge page here:
Good Luck