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Shayne McGregor
Shayne McGregor

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My favorite button in web dev so far

Who knew a single button could bring so much joy

This is going to be a pretty short post.

Graduate school has made it to where I get anxious about writing so little. But I’m trying to build a new relationship with writing. Currently, I’m practicing impact. How to get in and get out while still making a point, or several, about a topic that’s clear and interesting.

Today’s is about my favorite button in the field of web development so far. Here it is

Image description

This button pushes all my commits (changes I’ve made to a project) to a remote repository that’s connected to my account on GitHub. This matters to me because after pushing all my commits, I get rewarded with a green square.

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This green square is important because it gives a feeling of accomplishment, and that feeling of accomplishment is what motivates me to continue to work.

It’s an unintentional reward system that incentivizes me to program more and more.

Til next time.

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