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Shayne McGregor
Shayne McGregor

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How things are going

I learned how to include headings in my blog posts.

What I learned today
Today I went over iframes ( ) and hash links ( ), and everything made sense. It’s exciting to know that something as simple as including a website inside another website can be pretty easily done with basically just one line of code.

What makes me nervous
I also learned about a more advanced way to think about the structure of an HTML document. So far, the starting point of my HTML document has looked like that image pictured below.

Alt Text

But today I learned about additional tags including the and tags all which exists within the body. This from what I understand is meant to be a way to more easily organize the content of a website. Excited, I feel the my knowledge of this field growing, but it also makes me nervous because things are slowly and surely getting more complex and I worry that I won’t be able to fit all the information in my brain.

In Conclusion
I learned a bunch of new material today. Excited to be learning this new stuff. But I’m also nervous about feeling like I need to push to borders of my capacity for information to accommodate this new material. Thankfully, things are progressing slowly.

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