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Getting started with coding.

Hello World :).

Want to start coding but don’t know where to start?

Here is a list of things you need to do or have before you can start programming.

  1. A computer /laptop /phone /tablet. This is what you’ll be coding on.

  2. Text editor/ an IDE. These are for editing and compiling your code.

  3. Identify the kind of project you want to build, mobile, web or desktop, IoT devices? This will help you decide on which programming language/ technologies you can use.

  4. And lastly, the language/ technologies you’ll be using. These will be based on the kind of applications you want to build.

Once you have the device you’ll be using, installed an IDE/text editor of your choice, decided on the kind of project you want to build and have chosen the language/technology you’ll be using you are good to start with you first program.

Happy coding :).

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