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Best Social Proof, FOMO Marketing & Fake Sales Notification Plugins

Social Proof plugins make invisible customers visible. Testimonials, ratings widgets and recent sales notifications (“Sales Pops“) show that people use and trust your website. That way, customers have more confidence in your business. Social Proof marketing is particularly important for products and services that face a lot of competition. Not only does it help to build trust in your business, it can also help to differentiate you from your competitors.

  1. // define the woocommerce_remove_cart_item callback
  2. function action_woocommerce_remove_cart_item( $cart_item_key, $instance ) {
  3. // make action magic happen here...
  4. };
  5. // add the action
  6. add_action( 'woocommerce_remove_cart_item', 'action_woocommerce_remove_cart_item', 10, 2 );

1. Nudgify Social Proof and FOMO for WordPress

Nudgify is an unusual Social Proof solution, because it is built around the principle that a better customer experience will lead to a higher conversion rate. Rather than delivering simple sales notifications, Nudgify offers a full range of Social Proof, FOMO and Urgency notifications. It also provides Nudges designed to reduce Friction on your website. All the integrations you need to show recent sales and sign-ups with WooCommerce or WordPress are built-in, and there are also integrations with hundreds of apps.

2. NotificationX

NotificationX is a versatile and user-friendly Social Proof plugin designed especially for WordPress. The plugin is added to your site by uploading a zipped Installation File, giving you permanent access. That means it offers great value for high-traffic websites. And, because the plugin was produced by WPDeveloper, you can rely on the support and maintenance of the service.

3. Notification for WooCommerce

Notification for WooCommerce is another one-time purchase plugin from a trusted WordPress developer. It gives you recent sales notifications in 22 different templates, all at a very reasonable price. However, it is a comparatively basic plugin, and it might not be the best VillaTheme plugin to pick if you can only choose one (other options include WooCommerce Lucky Wheel and WooCommerce Boost Sales).

4. WPFomify

You won’t find WPFomify in the WordPress plugin listings. Instead, you have to purchase the plugin through the website (or via AppSumo) and upload it yourself. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface with plenty of advanced features, including multiple forms of location targeting, a long list of integrations, and sophisticated targeting rules. One of the plugin’s unexpected features is a notification bar which can be configured to work as a countdown timer.

5. Provesource

Provesource is a familiar name in the Social Proof market, and with good reason. The plugin has integrations with a huge number of 3rd party apps, which means you can display hundreds of different kinds of customer activity in your notifications. Your notifications can be customized and there are plenty of options for adjusting the settings (which makes it easy to choose what different visitors will see). One particular strength is the plugin’s review notifications, which display your best reviews on Facebook, Trustpilot, Google, Yotpo and Capterra.

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Best Social Proof, FOMO Marketing & Fake Sales Notification Plugins

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