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Learning Python for Free

Google's Python Class

Google's Python class targets people who have some background knowledge in programming, but are new to Python. The class includes video lectures, written lessons, and practice coding exercises. Students start by learning about strings and lists before moving on to more advanced concepts such as http connections, processes, and text files.

Microsoft's Introduction to Python Course

This beginner Python course teaches students how to write basic Python code, including working with console input and output and declaring variables. Students learn to use the Python interpreter to execute scripts and create their own app.

Introduction to Python Programming on Udemy

This short introduction to Python programming teaches students the basics of Python so they can start writing their own functions and scripts. Students explore strings, variables, data types, and more. This course accommodates learners without any previous coding experience.

Learn Python 3 From Scratch by Educative

This interactive 10-hour course contains 75 lessons to help you learn to program in Python. Students start by learning the basic building blocks of Python, such as data types and variables, and then move on to topics like loops, functions, and libraries. The course includes coding challenges and quizzes.

Python for Everybody on Coursera

The University of Michigan offers this course, which teaches students to analyze data and code using Python. Students learn to write programs that compile, analyze, and visualize data. This course is appropriate for learners without prior experience, and it should take about eight months to complete if students dedicate about three hours of work per week to the course.

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