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Exploring Top Figma to Code Generators of 2024

Figma-to-code generators are among the latest technologies that simplify software development work. These tools automate the conversion of Figma design files into functional code, drastically reducing coding errors, saving time, and maintaining design consistency. This efficiency boost translates into faster project completions and optimized resource usage.

However, choosing the right tool is the first step to enjoying these benefits. To help you with that, this guide showcases the best Figma to Code generators available in 2024. Continue reading.

Evaluating Figma to Code Generators

When selecting a Figma to Code generator, consider the following factors:

  1. Ensure the tool generates clean, maintainable code that adheres to best coding practices.
  2. Check if the tool can handle Figma features like auto-layout and variants accurately, as well as other design elements such as colors and fonts.
  3. Look for tools that convert designs to code quickly and offer automation features like batch processing and automatic updates.
  4. Choose user-friendly tools that integrate well with your existing development environments like Visual Studio Code or GitHub.
  5. Opt for tools that support multiple output formats and allow customization of code templates to meet specific project requirements.
  6. Make sure the tool can handle large and complex designs efficiently.

Top Figma to Code Generators

  • Unify: Best for small projects, free but limited in technology and quality.
  • Locofy: Versatile and user-friendly, supports comprehensive technologies, ideal for diverse projects but still in beta.
  • High usability and supports AI code correction, great for component-based projects.
  • Uxpin: Offers extensive functionality; however, it requires a steep learning curve and is currently limited to React.
  • Clapy: Promising in performance practices but not ready for production due to its alpha status.
  • DhiWise: Strong in element recognition and flexible component creation but lacks integration with established UI libraries.
  • FireJet: User-friendly with flexible customization options but struggles with code quality and element recognition.


Figma to Code generators can significantly streamline the transition from design to development, enhancing productivity and accelerating the delivery of software projects. By understanding these tools' capabilities and how to leverage them effectively, you can choose the best generator to meet your project needs and drive success. Check out this article to learn more: 7 Top Figma to Code Generators.

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