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Mohammed Farmaan
Mohammed Farmaan

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Weatherify: A Weather App built with React.💙

Hey there everyone! Hope you're all doing good.

So it's been a month since I started learning React, and I can say that I'm loving it so far. And to understand it even better, I decided to follow the project-based approach.

After thinking a lot I decided to make a weather app that can have dynamic backgrounds. So finally after a lot of ups and downs, here it is:
It's called Weatherify. This app gives the current weather details of most of the cities in the world.

I've used Open Weather Map API to fetch the weather data and Pexels API to get images and dynamically set them as backgrounds.

Here are its screenshots:

Alt Text

It gets a new background image after each search:
Alt Text

So here it is guys. I've hosted it on Firebase and made it Open-Source so that it'll help someone as a beginner-friendly project.

Here's the link to the live demo:

Here's the link to GitHub repo:

Open to suggestions and feedback.😄

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furgieofficial profile image

I love it!!! Great job!

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Mohammed Farmaan Author

Thank you.😄

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Pradeep Pradyumna

Good one!

koshirok096 profile image

It's awesome! 👍