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Ben Halpern

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What are your favorite dev-focused Twitter accounts to follow?

Besides CodeNewbies and ThePracticalDev, of course 😅

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Temani Afif

CSS Tricks:
Ana Tudor:

And CSS Challenges (my account 😜):

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Luis Castillo

For this one I don't have a specific one yet but for now in twitter I follow anything about coding. There is one account I follow in instagram for that they post a lot of question and code snippet that help me to be engage with coding everyday. @Reactjs1

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Tyler V. (he/him)

Laurie, Ali, Lindsey, Max, and Ashley were all some of the first accounts I can remember interacting regularly with on Twitter and got me really involved in the dev twitter community, blogging, and on DEV/here!

Also shoutout to Codebuddies for the most helpful beginner dev slack channel around!

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Sarah Dye

@Skillcrush and @learncodewithme are two really good Twitter accounts I always recommend following. I also recommend following @DThompsonDev because his content is so inspiring and helpful.

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Jos O'shea (they/them)