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#CNC2021 "Code More" Mission 4 Submission Thread

codenewbiestaff profile image CodeNewbie Staff ・1 min read

Note: If you registered for this challenge but have not received any emails, please check your spam folder!

After completing all the steps and reading in your Mission 4 email, share what you plan on changing in your "big picture" in the thread for this mission. Reminder that we would like you to leave a full comment/reflection in the thread β€” don't just post a link to your worksheet.

Once you've shared your thoughts, find someone else's comment and respond to them! Feel free to lend friendly advice or simple encouragement.

Congrats on challenging yourself to Code More! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Code More Help Thread. For any technical questions throughout the challenge (or in general!) write a #help post and share with the community!

Discussion (3)

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Jason Braganza

The β€œBig Picture” stays the same, for now.

It helped that I put some thought into it, when starting out.

So mostly everything stays the same, with one adjustment.

I’ve found that I keep getting distracted, when the going gets hard.
And instead on focusing on solving the hard stuff, I take the easy way out and go do other mindless stuff.
It then takes me a while to become aware of what I was doing and then some time to get back to where I was and and then some more time to start making progress again.

Will focus on doing the work, and being more mindful.
Will also schedule intentional breaks in between. I do have them, but I think I need more.
Will try this week and calibrate.

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Its been a thing since I was in high school.
something difficult
Now is a good time to clean my room 😭

donokun profile image

I'm definitely on the way to finishing something so a more focused approach is for sure working. The email mentioned something about additional tasks and there are definitely a lot. Finding assets and design is something I didn't really factor in before and it's now why I understand people react for CSS frameworks lol. On my downtime on my day job I definitely spend more time thinking and planning.

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