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CodeNewbie Season 22 Episode 6! Technical writing with Philip Kiely

In S22E6 of the CodeNewbie Podcast, @saron talks about technical writing with Philip Kiely, a technical writer, programmer, and creator.

Check it out to learn about how Philip first got into technical writing while studying abroad in Budapest, what technical writing is, what technical content platforms are out there, and why new developers should publish content early in their careers.

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Philip Kiely is s a writer, programmer, and creator. He is the author of Writing for Software Developers and Life-Changing Email. To learn more about his work, check out his website.

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Larry Martin

Fascinating insights into the world of technical writing. Philip Kielys story of starting out in Budapest is truly inspiring. Valuable advice for budding developers looking to share their expertise.
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Damion Towne

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Damion Towne

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