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Welcome Thread - V5

Welcome, one and all to the CodeNewbie Community!

Plus, an extra special welcome to those of you who are joining us via the CodeNewbie Challenge 2021! We hope you enjoy being a part of our supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.

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  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Make some new friends by responding to another newbie's comment πŸ‘‹ Feel free to follow one another, too!

P.S. If you have a technical question, you've come to the right place! Use the #help tag in a new post to ask the community for assistance with writing your first line of code, picking a tool to use for a particular project, or anything else. No question is too basic.

If you're looking for some moderator-approved resources for coding beginners, head to #webdev101 for web development content and #compsci101 for computer science content ❀️

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ronvillela profile image

Ron from Miami with a friendly hello...and glad to see I'm Am Not Alone (getting flashbacks of X-Files). Turning the big 50 on the 4th of July and I am currently in IT. Going back to my alma mater for a second degree in IT since I was originally in teaching. I want to become a java developer and thought it was a little crazy considering my age...but apparently I'm not the only crazy to see others in my similar situation.....this discussion thread is very motivating! GL to all!!

pirate_fish_ profile image
Daniel Porter

Hello everyone! I'm Daniel from the southwest USA and I finally decided to stop alienating myself in coding. Hoping I get to talk with some fellow newbies and some seasoned pros alike πŸ˜ƒ

pirate_fish_ profile image
Daniel Porter

Hello everyone! Been listening to the podcast for a hot minute and decided to no longer alienate myself in my code writing. Hope to make some good friends with the fellow newbies and seasoned pros alike

guilherme633 profile image
Guilherme Boassali

My name is Guilherme, I came to learn I'm a beginner, Thank you very much, I'm from Brazil.

anonmike profile image

Hello guys am mike lives currently in Nigeria am a teenager,and aspiring programmer and available for help on programmes related to my specialisation
Am good at
And currently learning c++
I hope to make new friends here

coreybthomas1 profile image
Corey B Thomas

Hey everyone! I’m Corey and I’m from North Carolina. I’m learning Python. Hope to talk with you guys and girls.

noviicee profile image
Novice • Edited

Hello all! I am a code newbie and the CodeNewbie Challenge 2021 brought me here via

Hoping to contribute a lot in here πŸ˜ƒ

hasnain190 profile image

Hi friends
I am hasnain from Pakistan. Happy to meet you all.

tomjmorron profile image

Hi everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

My name's TomΓ‘s (you may spell that as in english) and I'm a 27 years old Argentinian front end dev... I mean, I hope I will be anytime soon.. πŸ€”

I watched a HTML 3-minutes-video two months ago and instantly knew that I wanted to learn how to code.. So here I am, almost finishing the TeamTreehouse Front End Track, and looking to connect with other people who are also learning

My current knowledge goes up to HTML5, CSS3 (feel very comfortable with those already), JS(which I LOVE but still consider myself a beginner), aswell as npm and Git.

I believe that joining a community will help me in those days where you feel simply too dumb to code. And I hope to serve as a motivation for other people too!

What do you do or advise to battle against that feeling of 'never gonna be capable of this' ? Would be amazing to read!

Hope you have a nice monday, and a wonderful week πŸ˜„

jacob319 profile image

Hi, my name is Isaac, an aspiring web designer in Kansas City, Mo. Looking to gain experience and knowledge in hoping to start my web studio one day. And yes I’m in my early 40s trying to expand my knowledge to not just better myself but in hopes to help others as well.

cjpangs profile image

Hello, I'm CJ, I'm really glad I found this site. I'm an engineering student with little knowledge in programming. I'd like to be a data scientist someday. :)

rt_coder profile image
Rahul Tiwari

Hello , I am Rahul, πŸ‘‹from Canada. Self learning web development to switch career from finance. Great to be here and looking forward to connect with you all.

zachary_c profile image
Zachary Cox

Hello CodeNewbies!

I’m Zachary and I’m based in Texas, USA. Very nice to be here with you all. I am trying to change job fronts at the age of 35. I am currently trying to learn JaveScript. I know the basics of HTML and CSS. I still have to look up things as I go. I have a deep desire to learn enough to be a programmer. I want to move on to Python after JavaScript. 
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rym465 profile image
Renee Matthews

Hi Everyone:

I'm enrolled in a Full Stack Programming course. Wading my way through the JavaScript waters on my way to React...

Happy to be here with all of you!

rym465 profile image
Renee Matthews

Hi Jason:

I'm 54 and learning Full Stack Development to make a career change. We "seasoned coders" will all learn together! :-)

apshah007 profile image
Amy Shah

I am also a non traditional student learning to code. That's great.

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