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My First Showcase.

First Ever Blog Post

I have never blogged. In fact, I have never really had a strong social media presence. But I am expanding in order to network and showcase the skills I am learning.

I would say I am a beginner level. I feel somewhat comfortable with HTML5 and CSS. I am 25% through a JavaScript course on Udemy, where I have gone through the fundamentals and DOM manipulation. I now feel ready to take on some challenges, mini-projects, and eventually find work.

I have just completed a Frontend Mentor challenge. It is at the 'newbie' level. It was to produce a QR Code Component. It highlighted that I need to do a lot more work regarding learning about Units of Measurement!

However, if you would like to view my solution here it is:

Frontend Mentor.

I have just started a Twitter account related to my Web Development journey.

Twitter. Hit me up and let me know what you think!

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