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ChatGPT, Security, Opensource...

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"Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt

SynopsAI 🤖

  • AI Expert says ChatGPT is way stupider than people realize - ChatGPT talks like a person but a smart human who studies robots says that ChatGPT is not as smart as we think it is. It doesn't really know things like humans do, it just repeats what it has learned. So even though it sounds like it knows the answer, it might be wrong. This means we can't rely on it to make decisions like we can with humans. So, we shouldn't worry that robots will become smarter than humans anytime soon. - via Futurism.

  • What does generative AI mean for Web3? - Generative AI is a subset of machine learning that uses neural networks to generate new content. It has the potential to transform how we utilize AI, from producing realistic synthetic data for training AI models to curate tailored content for customers. The quality of the content produced by GANs has subsequently increased over time. - via Cointelegraph

  • GitOps as an Evolution of Kubernetes - Kubernetes' inception was essentially a response to the arduous and unreliable nature of the deployment process. It was a fusion of the DevOps challenges and the innovative strides Docker made in the container revolution. GitHub, with its declarative configuration, now plays a pivotal role in ensuring reliable delivery. -via TheNewStack

Events 📢

Intelligent ☁️ Cloud-Native Security With Dynatrace And Snyk

In this live webinar, Dynatrace and Snyk, with moderation from AWS, will identify the top cloud security challenges DevSecOps teams face. Even better, they’ll reveal how customers are solving these problems, ensuring stress-free security when building applications in the AWS cloud. Happening today at 10:00 BST. Register now

Streamlit 101: An Intro to Building Web Apps with Just Python🐍

In this session, Caroline Frasca will walk you through, step by step, how to build a web application with Python using Streamlit's open-source library. Join the's meetup today at 10:30 pm IST / 1:00 pm ET to learn more.

Weekly OSS Chat | OpenSauced - Discord Event

All things Open source chat. Ask your questions, share what you're working on, and learn new things. Happening today at 9:30 PM, so join the OpenSaused 🍕 Discord server to chat about everything OSS.

Snowflake ❄️ Discover - Part 3 - Applications + Collaboration

Elevate your data expertise with Discover - a live, virtual event featuring 12 sessions led by technical experts. Choose from 6 subject areas, ranging from Level 100-300, to dive deep into the what, why, and practical how-to-build and deploy. Join now and unlock new horizons in data mastery held on June 14 & 15.

Trending repos 📈

Flowise - LangchainJS UI

Build LLMs apps easily using Open source UI visual tool using LangchainJS, written in Node, Typescript/Javascript.

Next.js Enterprise Boilerplate

The Next.js Enterprise Boilerplate, an open-source template for enterprise projects, is loaded with features that'll help you build a high-performance, maintainable, and enjoyable app.


Discover a compilation of network services and web applications that are freely available software. These versatile tools can be self-hosted on your own servers, empowering you with control and flexibility over your digital infrastructure.

Resources 📚

Azure OpenAI in AI Builder

On yesterday's livestream Rob Nunez joins along with Ashish Bhatia as they explore the possibilities of the new powerful Azure OpenAI Service model through AI Builder to discover how this integration can streamline your workflow and help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Student to Next.js Maintainer | JJ Kasper | The Secret Sauce

The latest episode from The Secret Sauce, where JJ Kasper, an accomplished software engineer who's currently working at Vercel, focusing on the development of Next.js talks about life, career, open-source, and more. Enjoy the discussion.

HTML Cheat Sheet

Looking for a quick reference guide to HTML? From tags to attributes, HTML Cheatsheet is your go-to reference for quick coding guidance.

HTML Cheat Sheet 📃 - The best interactive cheat sheet

Online interactive HTML Cheat Sheet contains useful code examples and web developer tools, markup generators and more.


That's all for today and thanks for the read. Feedbacks are welcome :) Until next time, keep exploring, keep learning, and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible. See you soon in the next edition of "Today in X"! and by the way, you can find me on Twitter at dotAadarsh.

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oliviawilliams500 profile image

Virkelig bra stykke skriving. Jeg likte artikkelen grundig. fortsett det gode arbeidet. Du kan bruke Chatgptnorsk for mer ide om artikler. ChatGPT er en avansert AI-språkmodell designet for å legge til rette for naturlige og dynamiske samtaler.

hannatucker profile image

Ciao a tutti,

Argomento interessante! L'affermazione che ChatGPT potrebbe essere "più stupido" di quanto si pensi solleva domande cruciali sullo stato attuale e sul potenziale dell'IA generativa.
L'IA generativa, come ChatGPT, è molto promettente per il Web3: la sua capacità di comprendere e generare testi simili a quelli umani può rivoluzionare la comunicazione e l'interazione all'interno di ecosistemi decentralizzati. Dal miglioramento delle interfacce di chat al contributo allo sviluppo di contratti intelligenti, le applicazioni sono vaste. Se da un lato è fondamentale riconoscere le attuali limitazioni, dall'altro è altrettanto importante riconoscere i passi avanti fatti dall'IA. I continui progressi, uniti al feedback degli utenti, contribuiscono a perfezionare modelli come ChatGPT. A proposito, se siete curiosi di conoscere l'intersezione tra IA e linguaggio, date un'occhiata a Chatgpt, un'interessante piattaforma che esplora il potenziale dei chatbot nel panorama linguistico italiano.

olivepeterson profile image

In my opinion, ChatGPT functions remarkably like humans in its ability to understand and respond to various topics. If you're intrigued by AI and its capabilities, you should explore Chat GPT. Our platform is a hub for AI enthusiasts, offering extensive resources and discussions that will deepen your understanding of AI's human-like interactions and much more

teresa4201 profile image

Yes, to some extent you are right that AI doesn't work like humans, but you'll be surprised to see this website, Chat gpt Dutch, where they explore the fascinating capabilities of AI. While AI may differ from human cognition, it's still incredibly powerful.

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I personally believe that while ChatGPT doesn't completely mimic human interactions, it remains an incredibly valuable tool for assistance. Its capabilities offer us a valuable resource, even though there are differences from human communication. For a deeper dive into this subject, you're welcome to check out ChatGPT Svenska. I have found it better then other Ai sites.

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