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ML, MongoDB, Search Engine...

Welcome to "Today in X". In today's edition, read AI-generated summaries, and discover new products, and free learning resources.

"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about." - Winston Churchill

Never give up!

SynopsAI 🤖

AI is Eating Data Science

Data science as a transition: The article argues that data science is a short-lived discipline that emerged from the era of big data and will soon merge with the AI career path.

AI systems as the focus: The article claims that the key question is no longer just what insights can be derived from data, but what AI systems can be run with data. It gives examples of large-scale and complex AI systems that use data in innovative ways.

Data science as a milestone: The article concludes that data science will be viewed as a major milestone along the road to an AI-centric future, but not as an entity of its own. It urges us to keep an eye out for the consumption of data science by AI.

Chatbots vs Search Engines

Chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard can answer any question but sometimes generate false or inaccurate responses.

Search engines like Google provide links to sources that can be verified by users.

Chatbots will not replace search engines but will become another component of them, used to summarize (like this) and paraphrase results from top search results.

Summarized by Bing's AI

Events 📢

PostgreSQL 101

Comparing SQL Server and PostgreSQL - 10 key differences (APAC Edition) - In this webinar, you will find out the things that often trip up SQL Server users when they first start exploring PostgreSQL. You will discover the top ten differences b/w SQL Server and PostgreSQL, the solutions to common issues in PostgreSQL, and a better context for using the skills you already have in PostgreSQL. It's happening on May 30, 2023 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEST. Register Now!

Machine Learning Day

Join the We Are Developers Machine Learning Day for exciting insights and best practices in the captivating field of ML. Become an ML Pro with topics like AI, deep learning, computer vision, and cloud productivity. Get ready for an enriching experience! It is happening virtually on May 31, 2023.

Discover 🚀

AI-powered pull requests: OpenAI + Chrome Extension

OpenSauced removes the pain of finding projects to contribute to. We are now working with companies to share the secret sauce to building engineering teams through open source. Check out this extension at

OpenSauced AI extension

Resources 📚

Microsoft Research Podcast

Listen to the "AI Frontiers: Models and Systems with Ece Kamar" episode, where AI scientist and engineer Ashley Llorens hosts conversations with collaborators and colleagues about the new AI models like GPT-4, their future, and applications.

MongoDB University

Enhance your career prospects by diving into MongoDB, one of the leading NoSQL databases. Take advantage of free MongoDB courses that offer hands-on labs and quizzes to sharpen your skills. Gain valuable experience and earn MongoDB certification, opening doors to exciting opportunities in the world of data management. Start your journey today and pave the way for a successful career in MongoDB. Start learning!

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Larry Martin • Edited

Engaging read! The blend of ML, MongoDB, and Search Engine insights, coupled with AI-generated summaries, makes 'Today in X' a must-follow series. Kudos on the diverse tech coverage and inspiring Winston Churchill quote!
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