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Neha Maity
Neha Maity

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Reflecting on my CNC2022 Learn in Public journey

Name: Neha Maity

Title: Entry-Level Software Engineer

#CNC2022 Cohort: Learn in Public

Learn in Public" Project: Data Analysis in Python using Jupyter Notebook


Hey everyone! I'm Neha and I have been working full-time as a software engineer for 1.5 years. I wanted to sign up for this challenge to gain some structure and post my first series where I learn in public. I was very nervous to get started on learning in public and this challenge helped me overcome that!

Hi everyone! I am a software engineer, I started working in 2020. I decided to register for the challenge since I've been wanting to get back into writing articles and learning new things. My focus has been Java, Python, and C++.
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Mission 1

The assignment for Mission 1 was to clarify my objective for the series. To be honest, at the time I didn't have a strong focus in mind and only had a vague idea of what I'd be concentrating on.

I was able to settle on a topic and decided to focus on basic data analysis in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

Hi everyone! I'm Neha. I struggled to pick a focus since there's various areas I want to improve on and learn about ranging from C++ to Web Development. Ultimately I chose to focus on Python since it will provide me a good scope for this challenge. Here are my responses:

1. What concept/project/series have you decided to take on for the duration of the "Learn in Public" challenge?
I decided to focus on Basic Data Analysis in Python.

2. Why did you pick this focus?
I picked this focus since I have dabbled in some Python over the past few years but have not felt confident enough in my abilities. I hope this challenge will help me solidify my knowledge.

3. Why do you think sharing your journey in public will help others?
I think there is a lot to cover with data analysis and my journey will help others find a potential starting point.

4. Share the the title you landed on for the series you're going to create as well as the "entries" you anticipate creating/tackling.
Title: Creating Visualizations for a Data Set using Python Libraries
Entry 1: Clean the data
Entry 2: Applying Matplotlib
Entry 3: Applying Pandas

Mission 2

The assignment for Mission 2 was to create a learning plan, begin research and start creating the first installment. I didn't have too detailed of a plan. Instead, I began researching and let things flow from there.

I had a bare bones learning plan and didn't stick too it much. I would work on the challenge when I had time and make progress that way.

Hi everyone, my name is Neha and my article series is on conducting basic data analysis in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

1. What was the experience of creating your first "Learn in Public" series installment like?
It definitely took more time to put together than I originally anticipated. The execution of the code I wanted to cover wasn't tough but what proved to be challenging was going back and putting together the tutorial in a way that was clear and understandable and making sure I wasn't skipping any important steps.

2. Do you think you'll be able to cover everything you were hoping to explore in three installments, or do you plan on creating more?
I think I will be able to cover enough ground in three installments. There is of course a lot more in the realm of data analysis in Python but a three part series will provide a sufficient introduction.

3. How did your "Learn in Public" notes differ from standard learning/studying notes you've taken in the past?
I was able to note down all I learned by executing the code in the Jupyter Notebook as I went along. I found this to be a very interactive way of learning as I go.

4. How do you feel about the prep work you were asked to do for Mission 2? Do you think you'll be able to stick to the schedule you made?
I feel pretty good and that I've gotten a good wealth of information together. Now it's a matter of separating all that I've learned into digestible articles. I personally am not sticking to a schedule but I do have the deadline of March 10th for getting all the articles done.

Closing Thoughts
This is the first tutorial I have written. It was much more work than I anticipated and now I feel I'm able to appreciate all the tutorial posts out there much more. I look forward to continuing to finish this series and publishing more tutorials afterwards!

Mission 3

The assignment for Mission 3 was to continue the series by writing the next installment and explore other ways to present my learning.

I felt okay about my second installment. I knew my first installment provided a good introduction to Jupyter Notebook and started off with creating line graphs. My second installment expanded on this and also introduced bar graphs. As for other ways to present my learning, I'm considering some CFPs and posting my learning on Twitter as a thread.

Hi everyone, my name is Neha and my article series is on conducting basic data analysis in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

1. How has your "Learn in Public" series creation been going so far?
It's been going well and also taking longer than anticipated. I have just caught up with mission 3 this week. I'm learning to space out when I'm doing research so I don't get overwhelmed and do too much at once.

2. What other avenues for learning in public are you considering?
I'm considering posting threads on Twitter with my learnings in a condensed format. I am also planning to check out some CFPs and share my learnings as a talk!

Closing Thoughts
This challenge has made me level up and be focused on completing something I have wanted to for a while but haven't gotten around to doing. I am grateful for the journey!

Missions 4 & 5

The assignment for Mission 4 was to finish the series, get feedback, and listen to a podcast episode on learning in public.

I felt overjoyed when completing my last installment. I'm proud I was able to dedicate myself to this challenge. I had a couple people look through my post to make sure I was clear.

Hi I'm Neha and I've written my series on conducting basic data analysis in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

  1. It felt great to finish my series! It was a lot of work and I'm proud of what i've accomplished.
  2. I've learned that spaced repetition is a great way to learn and retain knowledge!

1. Drop a link to your reflection post
My reflection post

2. Tell us what you're most proud of having accomplished/learned over the past few weeks.
I'm really proud of completing this challenge and having a 3-part article series to show for it! I was behind and wasn't sure I'd finish! πŸ˜„
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Final Reflections on #CNC2022's "Learn in Public" Challenge

The challenge was a good experience, I wasn't able to stay completely up to date when the emails were released so I felt a little behind throughout the challenge. I learned that I should spend no more than 2 hours a day, ideally breaking up my work into 30 minute - 1 hour slots at a time. There were times I'd spend the a whole morning and afternoon working on an installment and I don't think that was good for me. The hardest part was figuring out what to focus on as my topic was fairly broad. The fun part was seeing my results and publishing my articles. I felt accomplished. Don't be afraid to take your time!

What's Next

I'm going to continue learning in public and revisit things I've learned/used in the past as well as what I'm looking at currently. As I mentioned, I'll try posting what I've learned in a Twitter thread. I'll most likely enroll in another CodeNewbie Challenge since I appreciate how focused they make me in working toward a goal!

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Ayu Adiati

Congrats for completing the challenge, Neha! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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Neha Maity

Thank you, Ayu!! πŸ’–

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Larry Martin

Impressive commitment Neha. Your dedication to delving into data analysis with Python showcases your perseverance. Sharing this journey helps inspire others embarking on similar learning paths.
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