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Schalk Neethling
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The Mycelium Network Podcast

I have a personal mission that reads as follows:

I believe in the opportunities the internet can offer to empower people and communities. When you combine the reach of the web with skills in engineering, design, and compassion for others, we can impact our own lives and those of others. One of my life goals is to build a community of curious people who share knowledge and experience. To inspire each other to create opportunities using their creativity, the web, and related technologies.

To work towards this goal, I have started The Mycelium Network, a growing community of early-stage web developers and mentors with the aim of fostering a welcoming and diverse community.

I am ready for the next phase in building this community and am excited to announce The Mycelium Network podcast. The goal is to learn what people’s pain points and questions are directly from the source. What works well in the education sector, what does not, and how we can work together to improve. This will also be a platform for early-stage developers to talk about themselves and highlight their work.

I also want to dig into a thorny topic a lot of early-stage web developers find daunting. Finding work.

The flip side of the coin is having conversations with teachers and mentors and presenting them with the identified challenges. Talking through some existing solutions and brainstorming ideas for improvement. The ultimate goal is to create a valuable resource for learners and teachers that will positively impact the web developer industry for everyone.

I am not ready to launch just yet, but I invite everyone to join the community on Discord and share your suggestions. While I am putting together the content schedule, I have a question for you all. If you are new to web development and have had the opportunity to speak to a teacher or mentor in this space, what questions would you most like to ask them?

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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