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CodeLand 2021 is this week! Here's what you need to know.

CodeLand 2021 is coming up on Thursday and Friday of this week!

Don't miss this message from @saron, founder of CodeNewbie Community, about why you should register...

We're also excited to share this episode of the CodeNewbie Podcast featuring @saron and @ben who have a super informative chat about CodeLand. Listen and learn all about the history of CodeLand and what makes this year's event unique.

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If you’re planning to join us for two days of coding inspiration, motivation, and education, here’s everything you need to know...

Event Portal and Schedule

  • View the CodeLand schedule and enter the event portal here This is where you'll go to access the event when CodeLand begins.

  • CodeLand begins at 9 AM PDT/12 PM EDT/4 PM UTC on Thursday, September 23. Day two begins at the same time the following day.

  • We'll be streaming keynotes live, so be sure to tune in.

  • On-demand talks will be embedded in posts listed on CodeNewbie Community for you to watch at your leisure. We'll also be streaming them as part of the conference programming if you prefer a more social experience!

CodeNewbie Community

If you aren't already registered for CodeNewbie Community, be sure to change that now! Without being logged into an account, you won't be eligible for prizes and won't get the full CodeLand experience.

Registration and Cost

CodeLand is pay-what-you-want (starting at $0)!

If you haven't registered, there's still time. Click here to grab your spot.

Social Experience and Interaction

  • We'll be offering a CodeLand "Hallway" where you can say hi to the other attendees, leave comments, and meet other people to connect with. The link will appear above the stream. See you there!

  • Career opportunities are an important part of the CodeLand experience. A digital career fair from our sponsors will help you discover your next great gig.

  • Many speakers will be joining the livestream to answer your questions after their talks, so be sure to ask away in their individual talk threads (which will be published right before the conference goes live).

  • We also want to hear all about your experience on DEV and across social media. Tag your CodeLand related posts on Twitter with the #CodeLand and #CodeLand2021 hashtags. We’ll be sharing a bunch of CodeLand news and updates on @thepracticaldev, @codelandconf, and @codenewbies too!


All four of our CodeLand workshops (led by the Forem team) are now sold-out. If you are registered for a workshop, please make sure to check your email for pre-work assignments and instructions on how to access your workshop. For security, the joining instructions will be emailed to you personally the day of your workshop.

Prizes and Giveaways

  • We'll be randomly awarding limited-edition sticker packs to a handful of registered attendees, people who leave comments on speaker and sponsor posts, and folks who fill out our post-attendee survey. Be sure to ask questions, comment, and share your feedback.

  • Sponsors will also be hosting swag giveaways through their CodeNewbie Community posts. Be sure to stop by the digital expo hall to see what you can win.

That does it for now! We can't wait to see you in CodeLand 🌈

Top comments (14)

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

wow really exciting lineup! a quick question - how does the hallway work? is it a gathertown like thingy or is it more similar like a slack channel?

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hi there! The Hallway will be a thread here on CodeNewbie Community where you can leave comments and interact with others. Within the Hallway post, we'll also be linking to a Discord channel where you can contact the event organizers for help.

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

Thank you both @aphoenix and @graciegregory16 for the quick replies :)

aphoenix profile image
Abby Phoenix

The Hallway Track will be a post just like this one, on the CodeNewbie Community! While there will be separate posts to chat about specific talks or connect with specific Sponsors, the Hallway post is a catch-all for conversations outside of those topics.

For those who have questions for staff or things that they want to chat about synchronously, there will also be a Discord set up, which will be linked from the Hallway post.

aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

Excited! I will try to make it to some hallways and the career fair to meet other people.

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hope to see you there, Aaron!

niko1402 profile image
Nik Payton

Hi. How long are the on-demand videos going to be up? I'm teaching during a couple of the sessions and I don't want to miss a thing! This is my first Codeland, and I'm really looking forward to it!

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Not to worry! We'll have them up after the conference concludes :)

coder_utkarsh profile image
Utkarsh Maurya

Looking forward to the events✌️

varghesejose2020 profile image
Varghese Jose

Looking forward to the conference

sbstn profile image

I am really excited about the Programm and will join today from Hamburg, Germany.

See you later:)

sharacrosslin profile image
Shara Crosslin

Is there a place where I can view all the speakers and their social links? There are so many great speakers I would love to connect with and support!

ellativity profile image
Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @sharacrosslin , that's a great question! We were initially just dropping each speaker's social links in their individual On-Demand pages, but now that @ben has created this post it seems like a good spot for them!

vivianemartini profile image
Viviane Martini

I am so excited to be attending #codeland2021!