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CodeNewbie Writers of the Month — June 2021

The CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards is a monthly "awards ceremony" here on CodeNewbie Community where we showcase three standout writers from the month before. These three folks authored posts that our judges deemed particularly helpful to the community last month. We announce the award-winners during the first week of each month. Thanks to all of you for your fantastic contributions to this space! ❤️

In no particular order, here are the winners of the CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards for June 2021...

Margo McCabe (@margo_hdb) — "Happy Hackathoning - Do’s & Don'ts"

Hackathons are a fantastic way to use and expand your coding knowledge while potentially being rewarded for doing so. But registering for a hackathon can sometimes feel overwhelming — how can you avoid the jitters and make the most of it? Margo has a helpful guide to walk you through your next hackathon. Have fun!

Crislana Rafael (@crislanarafael) — "Reflections on Joining a Tech Community"

Prior to the pandemic, Crislana wasn't active in a tech community. But the shift to virtual learning and connection over the past year and some change shifted that.

After participating in a recent CodeNewbie Twitter Chat, Crislana was inspired to share their reflections on learning and connecting with other developers in an online tech community. Great read!

Krowser Web Services (@krowser) — "How to Become a Successful Developer"

Success means many things: to some, it means confidence inn your abilities. To others, it means financial stability. In this fantastic post, you'll discover some tips for arriving at your definition of success as a developer.

Congrats to our CodeNewbie Writers of the Month! Keep up the great work and you might just be on next month's list of top authors!

Discussion (5)

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Congrats to @krowser , @crislanarafael , and @margo_hdb - thanks to you all for such thought-provoking and engaging articles!

crislanarafael profile image
Crislana Rafael

I'm so honored to be a writer of the month! Thank you so much - I look forward to writing more articles!

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Margo McCabe

Honored to be included, thanks so much!

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Krowser Web Services

Thank you 🤓🤓🤓

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Nick Taylor

Pam from The Office saying Nice!