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CodeNewbie Writers of the Month — November 2021

The CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards is a monthly "awards ceremony" here on CodeNewbie Community where we showcase three standout writers from the month before. These three folks authored posts that our judges deemed particularly helpful to the community last month. We announce the award-winners during the first week of each month. Thanks to all of you for your fantastic contributions to this space! ❤️

In no particular order, here are the winners of the CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards for November 2021...

Rizel Scarlett (@blackgirlbytes) — "GitHub Actions: Build Your First Workflow"

This post by @blackgirlbytes from team GitHub was an incredibly helpful resource for everyone who participated in the 2021 GitHub Actions hackathon on DEV. Learn more and see the winning entries here. Great job to the winners and team GitHub for such a fantastic contest!

Damian Demasi (@colocodes) — "How I Got a Web Development Job One Week After Publishing My Portfolio"

Damian landed their first job in the web development industry in less than a week after starting to look for one. In this article, you'll learn how they did it to inspire your own journey — just remember that all job-seeking experiences are unique so don't compare yourself!

Vicki (@vickilanger) — "Words, Numbers, & Variables, Oh My"

"If coding tutorials with math examples are the bane of your existence, keep reading. This series uses relatable examples like dogs and cats."

Enough said!

Congrats to our CodeNewbie Writers of the Month! Keep up the great work and you might just be on next month's list of top authors!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

A belated congrats to @blackgirlbytes, @colocodes, @vickilanger for being named the CodeNewbie Writers of the Month for November!

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Damian Demasi

Wow! Thanks so much! This is a great way of closing 2021 😅