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CodeNewbie Writers of the Month — February 2021

The CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards is a monthly "awards ceremony" here on CodeNewbie Community where we showcase three standout writers from the month before. These three folks authored posts that our judges deemed particularly helpful to the community. We announce the award-winners during the first week of each month. Thanks to all of you for your fantastic contributions to this space! ❤️

In no particular order, here are the winners of the CodeNewbie Writers of the Month Awards for February 2021...

Rahat Chowdhury (@rahat ) — "Effective Learning with Tutorials

Whether this is the first day in your coding journey or your 400th, it's likely that you have a few coding tutorials bookmarked. As Rahat explains in this article, tutorials are an indispensable tool for anyone learning to code, but it's important not to get trapped in a cycle of relying on them without ever venturing out and trying your hand at coding, freeform.

This awesome article explains how to actively consume tutorials in a way that will fuel your learning long-term. Thanks for sharing, Rahat! 🏆

Ayu (@adiatiayu ) — "Finding Networks & Communities"

"Self-taught with a toddler is very exhausting.
I have no one to ask when I have questions or share my struggles."

Applause for Ayu is in order — they took stock of their feelings of loneliness while learning to code and determined that the logical next step was to connect with others through a coding community. This post outlines that process beautifully 👏

Pratik Singh (@kitarp29 ) — "Why do #100DaysOfCode?"

Pratik's mentor and best friend did #100DaysOfCode and advised them to log their days coding on Twitter also. The result? Connection with other code newbies, education on the opportunities for early career developers out there, and so much more.

This overview of the 100DaysofCode challenge includes tips and tricks for getting started. Nice work, Pratik! 🥇

Congrats to our CodeNewbie Writers of the Month! Keep up the great work and you might just be on next month's list of top authors!

Discussion (5)

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Amazing work @rahat , @adiatiayu , @kitarp29 ! You are all CodeNewbie literary stars 💫 📚

adiatiayu profile image
Ayu Adiati

Thank you, Gracie! 😃

batsouelef profile image
Eleftheria Batsou

Great people with great articles!
Good job everyone :)

adiatiayu profile image
Ayu Adiati

Thank you so much for the honor, CodeNewbie! 🙏🏻
This made my day! ❤

fajarsiddiq profile image
Fajar Siddiq

Amazing work guys, i'm still learning! ;) what did i miss?