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Here's how to get your #CNC2021 completion badge — and a special surprise!

codenewbiestaff profile image CodeNewbie Staff ・1 min read

The first cohort of CodeNewbie Challenge participants have received their final Mission 5 email! We couldn't be more impressed with the hard work you're all putting into #CNC2021 🤩

Whether you just signed up for #CNC2021 OR you're in your final week of the challenge, we wanted to make it extra clear how you can get a well-deserved profile badge — and an extra special surprise at the end of your journey. 🎁

  1. Once you receive your Mission 5 email, publish a reflection post using the template we shared.
  2. Head over to the completion thread linked in your Mission 5 email and follow any prompts — plus link to your reflection post so others can read about your experience.
  3. Finally, fill out the survey we shared with you in the Mission 5 email. We'll ask a few quick questions about you, your opinions on the challenge, the link to your reflection post to verify that you've completed the final step, and then you'll indicate whether or not you'd like a special gift from us in recognition of all your hard work.
  4. In the days that follow, we'll award your badge and send you some information about that gift (if you choose to receive it).

If you have any questions about the challenge overall, don't hesitate to drop them into the help thread specific to your challenge ❤️

If you haven't signed up for the challenge yet, you can do so here anytime!

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theg9ius profile image

Got my badge today! It's awesome :D . Thanks a lot #cnc2021. (Hopefully I can get that gift :p)

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Ayu Adiati


an otter clap hands

theg9ius profile image

Thanks @adiatiayu 😄

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