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Here's How to Join Us at CodeLand 2022

With CodeLand 2022 coming up in a little less than two weeks, we wanted to stop by with a quick reminder about how and why you should register for this two-day virtual conference from CodeNewbie and DEV 🌈

1. Register for CodeNewbie Community

CodeLand is taking place virtually on CodeNewbie Community this year β€” a space built on Forem that exists to champion, connect, and spotlight early-career programmers and people learning to code. In order to get the most out of CodeLand and to register, you'll need a free account on CodeNewbie Community.

>> Click here to register for CodeNewbie Community

Once you're set up with an account, say hi in the welcome thread and then hop into one of our CodeLand discussions.

2. Reserve your ticket for whatever amount you feel comfortable with

While CodeLand isn't free for the CodeNewbie and DEV communities to host, we do everything we can to make this event accessible to those across all stages of their careers. We know that students and entry-level professionals don't always have extra money lying around, so it was important for us to allow our attendees to choose the cost off their ticket. Yes, that includes $0!

With that said, we greatly appreciate those of you who do opt to pay for your ticket. The proceeds from our ticket sales goo towards paying speakers and activity hosts and making the event as memorable as possible.

>> Click here to grab your ticket for CodeLand 2022

3. Mark your calendar & browse the program

CodeLand is taking place on June 16 & 17 and both days will be jam-packed with inspiring talks from the community. We're also thrilled to have three headlining speakers joining us: Angie Jones, Kelsey Hightower, and Tracy Chou.

>> Browse the complete program of talks and read more about our headlining speakers here

4. Join us for two fun activities

We're also excited to share that there will be two additional features of this year's event that will break up the format of the day, get your brain working in a different way, and be a lot of fun.

Towards the end of day one, we'll be featuring a yoga wellness break to help you pause and encourage mindfulness. Immediately afterward, we'll close out the day with a fun digital scavenger hunt complete with multiple opportunities to win some amazing prizes. Then at the start of day 2, we'll announce our lucky winners.

We hope to see you at this year's event! In closing, here's some actual footage of us racing towards CodeLand 2022:


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kaitlinlewis profile image

Hey there! I am super pumped but struggling to understand how I find out the times for the talks. Is there a program somewhere with the actual times (and in what timezone) or are all of the talks pre-recorded and just available to watch?

kithminiii profile image

So excited for the event.πŸ€©β€‹

katfay profile image
Kat Fay

Me too Kithmini :)