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What was your favorite part of CodeLand 2021?

Hey there, CodeNewbie Community!

With CodeLand 2022 coming up NEXT week (June 16 & 17, 2022 β€” right here on CodeNewbie Community), our team is curious to hear about your favorite part of CodeLand LAST year if you attended.

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Latest comments (40)

bobbytrejo profile image
Bobby Trejo

My favorite part of CodeLand 2022 was when Raymond Chung spoke on "A Programmer's Guide to Mental Health". I feel that in the tech industry mental health is not properly being mentioned or encouraged to be aware of enough. So I'm glad he was able to touch on that and talk about burnout and not let ourselves get to that point.

lolola profile image

My favorite part is the chance to learn from the wonderful speakers. I am grateful for the tips and resource links shared.

adeolaogunkola profile image
Ogunkola Adeola Ayorinde

Great Sessions..

odero profile image
Lewis Odero

waiting for Saron Yitbarek's talk

brianhhough profile image
Brian H. Hough | brianhuff.eth

This is my first time attending CodeLand! 😊 But I was looking at last year's talks and Thuy Doan's "How to provide value from day one of your dev career" and this was a great talk! Highly recommend πŸ’―

rebeccaokine profile image

I am new to CodeLand. Enjoying CodeLand 2022 so far.

talib1996 profile image
M.Fahad Imtiaz

I didn't attend last year

asbourlotos profile image
Alexander Bourlotos

I'm also a newbie to CodeLand! Looking forward to ingesting as much as I can and getting to know a lot of people through the conference and beyond!

yuridevat profile image
π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»
clearlythuydoan profile image
Thuy Doan

Hi Julia, I'm happy you enjoyed it :) Was there any particular section that resonated with you?

yuridevat profile image
π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Actually it was a lot of sections because my first job started about 2 weeks later after CodeLand, so I got so much out of it. I didn't think about environment setup until your talk and started looking at my personal setup, the extensions I need and use daily, and wrote everything down to install immediately when I set up my environment with the company laptop.

It also encouraged me to document everything from the beginning, because until then I thought this might be a senior task. When I entered my first project, the onboarding process was quite confusing for me because there was no documentation. So I started writing an onboarding process, which was very well received by the PM and others. When I left the project (3 weeks ago), I also wrote a documentation of everything I had experienced for my front end colleagues to show all possible scenarios related to the project/code and how to solve/avoid/handle them.

These actions left quite an impression.

anyanka profile image

Last year I missed Codeland because I've heard of it too late but I love the comments in this thread to see what people liked most :)

pramitsingh0 profile image
Pramit Singh

Shame that I cannot answer this question this time, as I didn't attend the event last year. I hope to answer this same question the next year I attend the event.

mrkrishnaagarwal profile image
Krishna Agarwal

My favorite part of CodeLand 2021 is speaker stories, talk, career advice and much more...
I am very curious about this one.
Hope to enjoy CodeLand 2022

gargeebhatnagar profile image
Gargee Bhatnagar

CodeNewBie is my favorite part. The community gives chance to showcase the skills and extremely helpfull to connect with community peoples.

dough profile image

This is the first time I am attending this conference.

elaineaqs profile image
Elaine Aquino

Speaker stories! Especially, as mentioned, Helen's Musical Lessons for Engineering Teams. And Nočnica Fee's [On-Demand Talk] From Tech Support To Developer. =)