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When did you know it was time to change careers?

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In the thread below, tell us when you knew it was time to change careers?

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hussain_codes profile image
Hussain Codes

When I realised that with tech I could design a lifestyle I want!

The level of flexibility and freedom that a career in tech provides in terms of time, location and finances can help me structure my life the way I want it.

theoriginalbpc profile image
Sarah Dye

Reading my teaching philosophy I wrote in college. When I was revamping my resume in 2013, I found my philosophy and read it over. As I read it, I realized I felt completely different about my philosophy. That got me thinking about where I was with my career and that's when I realized teaching wasn't the right fit for me.

vcerpasalas profile image
Valeria Cerpa Salas

When I discovered that in technology there would be more job opportunities, growth opportunities, more scholarships, opportunities to carry out projects and see my designs materialized without a high budget.
When I discovered that technology is in demand and more in the future. And I began to see activities that I was doing in my career as an architect as routine, very traditional and did not perceive evolution in my processes.
I have always liked to get out of my comfort zone, and learn more and technology offers me all these opportunities.

christopheraaron_ profile image
Christopher Aaron

When I realized I wasn't appreciated enough at my last job. I hit the ceiling as a Director, yet was still under paid, over worked, and had no goals or motivations with the company. During the pandemic, my job sector was pretty much non-existent. I spent a lot of time on the computer during the pandemic, and just thought to myself "Hey, lets make a career out of this while im here."

kasopej profile image
Kasope Johnson

Always wanted to but was uncertain about leaving mechanical engineering, especially because I wasn't sure if I would be fantastic at tech. After about 2 years decided to pray about it and once I had inner peace I did it! So happy I made the switch!

yuridevat profile image
π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

There was no career to change from, I was studying while working part time. For me it was time (at the age of 32) to finally find something I really enjoy doing everyday. I am glad I found my way into tech.

scottzyang profile image
Scott Yang

I went to school for civil engineering, and loved the iterative technical problem solving aspect of it during school.

Once I got into the workforce, it became all about implementing standards/manuals that were developed 10-20 years ago. It wasn't innovative, and I felt stuck and stagnant. I was no longer tackling complex iterative & innovative problems, and rather just reading and employing standard over and over and over again.

I craved the dopamine bursts from problem solving! Started self-teaching on the side, and after a few months decided it was time to leap!

kristenh profile image
Kristen Harman

I've always had an interest in tech and learning about web development. Upon discovering the work/life balance and increasing number of females joining in, I decided it was time to take the plunge and deep dive into my learning.

tylerwoodcook profile image
Tyler Woodcook

All I wanted to do was design/develop things. I kept looking for ways to implement those interests into my old job. Eventually I just realized I would be happier doing that type of work all the time, so I made the jump!

timdehof profile image

It was late last year when I started to notice I wasn't happy at the job I was doing and decided to have a career change.

talib1996 profile image
M.Fahad Imtiaz • Edited

Inspired by the linux philosophy, I got a passion to bring a change in the tech world and help my community by making tech accessible for everyone.

aigarspl profile image
Aigars PluΔ£is

For me - it wasn't really career change, I am just close connected to IT most of my life, so yeah.

dulyaaa profile image
Dulya Perera

Never ever change. This is the best career life even though I fell into the hell of bugsπŸ›.

jamiechannell profile image

I'm not looking to change careers, just upskill so I can continue to grow!

rebeccaokine profile image

I do not have to change careers. Found myself here and I am not going anywhere.