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Cover image for Color Hunt simplifies the hunt for colors

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Color Hunt simplifies the hunt for colors

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When you select a color scheme for your web development projects or other design projects, how do you pick a color scheme? Do you always have the exact color, tone, or shade in mind? Does it frustrate or annoy you when you can’t pick the right color that fits the whole theme? Color Hunt can help solve all those problems.

I learned about Color Hunt while taking a web development course on Udemy and have always relied on it ever since. It’s a platform that has endless color palettes to choose from.

There is a search bar on the top right corner that helps match keywords of colors, like ‘blue’, tones, like ‘warm’, seasons, like ‘winter’, or holidays, like ‘Christmas’.

Once you click on each palette, you will see the hexadecimal code of each color. By clicking on the hexadecimal code, it will save the code in your clipboard, which you can paste right away in your project development tool.

You can save a palette by clicking at the heart of each one on the bottom left corner, then that palette will be saved in your collection found underneath the search bar.

I like Color Hunt so much because it helps cut down time when choosing color for my projects and highly recommend this tool to anyone who has a hard time picking colors.

The cover image is one of the examples of the look and feel of my project using Color Hunt.

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