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Lorem Ipsum – dummy texts for web and graphic design

This series is a project inspired by @dickiebush’s "Ship 30 for 30” Atomic Essays. Which, I commit to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days straight to write a short essay about software development tools that I love. My goal is to build my daily writing habit and connect to more people. Check out #ship30for30 on Twitter.

Lorem Ipsum seems to play such a small role in the design, web development and publishing world, but is a brilliant idea that speeds up our workflow.

Here’s an example of how we can use Lorem Ipsum in a design process:

Alt TextA use case of Lorem Ipsum in WordPress Theme (

Lorem Ipsum is dummy text that we can use for typesetting while designing layout for digital or physical published work. The image above shows a WordPress theme on a theme page with Lorem Ipsum texts. The texts demonstrate how the page looks like when having them on its layout.

I remember the time when making a prototype of a webpage without knowing about Lorem Ipsum. I put in words like ‘content here’, ‘subtitle here’, or ‘bla bla bla’, which were distracting and unprofessional.

We can generate several kinds of texts from Lorem Ipsum. By going to its website, scroll down a little to the topic ‘Where can I get some?’. Right underneath that topic, there are options you can choose, whether you want some texts as paragraphs, words, bytes, or lists. Then click ‘Generate Lorem Ipsum’. After that, you can copy the generated texts all you want and paste in your work. You can even generate some mock banners as well.

Alt Text
Options for text generating on Lorem Ipsum

Have you learned about Lorem Ipsum before? Any friends who don’t know about this? Share this post to them to help with their workflow and make their design demo look good!

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I would much prefer to never use dummy text.

I use it in quick CodePen prototypes maybe... but in real client projects - if there's dummy text, it usually means that the content strategy - and the general plan is not solid. There certainly are some funny lorems though!

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Thanks for sharing your insights :)

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