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Learning a bit about... F#


I've been spending my Saturdays doing tutorials on languages I'm curious about. This week it's F#.

What I knew about the language before I started

  • Nothing at all

What I did

I started with Learning F# by Designing Your Own Language and he explained about the language. Then we got onto the designing your own language bit, which I thought would be interesting, but actually I was lost.

Also, it needed to import something. I couldn't get the .Net thing I needed installed on my computer, despite following the guide, so ended up in Replit where I couldn't see how to install it.

I ended up doing F# / F Sharp Program to make GUI with Buttons which is more of a look at the code and what it's suppose to do than a tutorial, but it (mostly) worked in Replit. And I found it pretty cool to create a GUI in it.

What I thought about the language

I initially found it a bit confusing. Changing the value of a variable is very different to any other language I've done, as are operators like and, or, etc. I think.

However, I didn't need an explanation of the GUI code from the video because I understood enough of it that it made sense.

I like that it shares a name a name with a musical note, but given the choice of programming with all the languages I've tried, this wouldn't make the cut.

What's next?

Lua/LÖve2D. I hadn't heard of this at all, but then I was looking through the languages Replit supports and thought it sounded interesting. Looking on YouTube there are lots of game tutorials using it and I love making games, so it should be fun to try (and should work on Linux...)

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