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Learning a bit about... MongoDB


I've been spending my Saturdays doing tutorials on languages I'm curious about. This week it's MongoDB. Which is a database, but you communicate with it in using a specific language.

What I knew about the language before I started

  • It's a database

What I did

Traversy Media's Crash Course

What I thought about the language database

At the start Brad explained that this was a NoSQL database and what the difference was and I realised that every database I've ever used was SQL. So I thought at first that I wouldn't understand it, but it's basically JavaScript objects. I can see how it fits into a JavaScript stack.

I have a plan to create an app that will use a database and I was thinking of using Firebase since I've used it in a tutorial. And it's the only database I've used in coding. But now I'm thinking I might use MongoDB, once I've learnt how to incorporate it and update it from JS. I will do that nearer the time, though, when I come to use it, because it might not be for a while yet.

What's next?

SQL makes the most sense to try next.

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