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Learning a bit about... PHP part 2

Last week I learnt the basics of PHP. This week I wanted to do a tutorial to make something, which took me a while. A lot of the tutorials out there are playlists that build on each other, but I did manage to find a standalone one, and a part of a playlist that I could understand on its own.

CRUD blog with MySQL

I want to know more about databases and interacting with them, and I've done a very tiny bit of MySQL, so this was just the thing I was looking for. The tutorial I did was from Very Academy.

I did find that he spent time explaining things I knew (eg Bootstrap) and things that were obvious (eg MySQL queries, which are basically English). Other bits I didn't quite get, but I don't know if that's due to my lack of knowledge of PHP or lack of knowledge of MySQL. It was interesting, though and I can see how it all fits together. It's definitely something I'd like to try in JavaScript, where I can then tell better which bits are JS and which bits are MySQL.


I did the Net Ninja tutorial on this, which was short. It was part of a larger playlist, but there was a link to the code, so I could copy the rest and just look at the bits that were specific to this lesson.

I was curious, since I've seen cookies as a user, but that's it. So it was interesting to see how to create and use them. Which was really easy.

What's next?

Flutter. I'd heard about it a while ago and was curious about it then.

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