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Learning a bit about... PHP part 1


I've been spending my Saturdays doing tutorials on languages I'm curious about. This week it's PHP.

What I knew about the language before I started

  • I learnt it one Christmas years ago, so in theory, everything. In practise, not so much

  • You echo things

What I did

I bounced around a few tutorials that were either just PowerPoint slides or designed for people who don't know any programming. I ended up on I didn't do any of the interactive bits, just read stuff. Which was enough for me to learn that it was really, really like JavaScript.

I then did bits of longer videos, which were a variety of old and didn't work quite the same way, or explained everything like you know nothing (eg I know what an HTML form is).

What I thought about the language

I like PHP. Maybe because I learnt it once before, maybe because it's similar to JavaScript. I saw something somewhere talking about doing map, filter and reduce on arrays.

Next week I will explore some more tutorials and do something, not sure what. Maybe more form things and/or cookies (since I don't know much about cookies) or something that uses some MySQL (since I'd like to do some database stuff).

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