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Learning a bit about... Love2D


I've been spending my Saturdays doing tutorials on languages I'm curious about. This week it's Love2D.

What I knew about the language before I started

  • Nothing at all. I'd never even heard of it before last Saturday

What I did

[2021 Update!] Make Games with Love2D - Setup, Structure, and Development Basics

It was a tutorial designed for people who know nothing. I kept skipping bits and I was quite often ahead of what we needed to do, even if I didn't quite know how to do it.

What I thought about the language

I love it. It's really easy to understand. The tutorial was a very simple game where you click a circle, then it updates your score and moves the circle. The tutor has a Udemy course where they extend that game.

I decided to extend it myself by moving the circle every so often, so it's a bit more like Whack a Mole. I had to look up how to move the circle after a set amount of time, but that was all. And now I have a fun, simple game!

I am thinking that I will continue with this language and follow more tutorials to make more games maybe make some of my own. FreeCodeCamp have posted a playlist of CS50's Intro to Game Development videos using Lua and Love2D, so I might work my way through those to start with. Not right now, as I have other things on, but maybe in a couple of months.

What's next?

Lua. Last week when I was thinking about what to do next it was going to be Lua, but when I searched for tutorials the ones creating a game with Love2D looked more fun, so I picked that instead. But now I've done a bit I want to understand more about Lua, so I will do that.

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