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Learning a bit about... Flutter


I've been spending my Saturdays doing tutorials on languages I'm curious about. This week it's Flutter.

What I knew about the language before I started

  • It's used to write apps on mobiles

What I did

Traversy Media's Crash Course. Which was a tutorial to build something. Technically it was in Dart - as he said at the start, Flutter uses an OOP language called Dart. So if Dart is the programming language, I don't know what Flutter is.

What I thought about the language

It was similar to React, so I liked that aspect of it, as it was easy to understand. I liked that I got to build something and could then see it on an Android Emulator. I liked less that the Emulator massively slowed down my computer, but that's probably related to having a computer that's a bit slow and a bit old.

What's next?

That seems like enough on Flutter, just to get an idea of it. Next up is Java, which I know nothing about.

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