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Why are you attending CodeLand this year?

Hey there, CodeNewbie Community!

With CodeLand 2022 coming up NEXT week (June 16 & 17, 2022 — right here on CodeNewbie Community), our team is curious to hear your "why" — why are YOU attending CodeLand this year? Perhaps you have a specific goal and could use some extra motivation? Or maybe you're simply excited to connect with other early-career developers? Tell us in the comments below!

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This thread is part of an ongoing series of discussions before and during CodeLand 2022. Each post in the CodeLand 2022 Discussions series will be part of a special prize raffle after the event concludes.

More info is coming on this raffle, but for now, all you need to know is that you'll be automatically entered to win free merch from our shop — just for responding in this thread!


If you haven't grabbed your spot at CodeLand 2022, don't wait another minute! We're so excited for this year's amazing lineup of talks, activities, and inspiration for early-career software developers and their champions. Tickets are pay-what-you-want — starting at $0!

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Latest comments (93)

nkarnes profile image
Nancy Karnes

I am new to Coding and am trying to learn as much as I can!

ahamedr profile image
Ahamed • Edited on

This is my first time attending codeLand so far its pretty exiting and great topics. I have got to know new tools that I can try out and specially I was able to connect withmore developers❤️.
Exited !

pablohe78730909 profile image
Pablo Hernandez

To assist in my Journey of coding and software development. I am a bit older but truly love the community. I come from a healthcare field in which team work is the essence of success. I am looking forward to learn and assist in any and all aspects of this conference.

lunuanaki profile image

I found the CodeNewbie podcast maybe two weeks ago and was really enjoying all the episodes and appreciating the content and decided to get signed up on the site and for the conference

stweffy_88 profile image
Stephanie Poon

I'm keen to see what are the topics of interest for early career developers and to find new resources to continue my learning journey as I delve into Front End Web Development.

tsbrun profile image
Anya Brun

To soak up the knowledge of all the experienced and talented speakers presenting at the conference! Unfortunately, I could only attend today live, but I’ve learned so much already and am looking forward to watching the on-demand talks later.

slb2018 profile image
Sherri Burton

I'm halfway through the MIT xPRO Women's Cohort bootcamp, and I've been following CodeNewbie for a while to get motivation and encouragement!

missbabelfish profile image
Leah Godfrey

I'm here to learn anything I can and connect with other early-career devs. I love hearing other devs' stories, and seeing all the cool things everyone is working on!

mreves profile image
Matt Eves

Joined again this year as I really enjoyed the past 2 CodeLand's I've joined - came away really motivated each time. Arrived a bit late this time due to conflicting commitments so will need to catch up with the on-demand talks 😊

silviaespanagil profile image
Silvia España Gil

This is my first year as a developer and this my first opportunity to share a talk I need more amazing reasons? ❤️

bobbytrejo profile image
Bobby Trejo

I'm joining CodeLand this year because I heard great things about it on Twitter and now that I'm currently attending. I can see why it has such a postive following. I look forward to seeing how it is next year.

bobbytrejo profile image
Bobby Trejo

My Codeland would be similar to how it is now. Allowing many CodeNewbies or even curious people who are unsure of what coding is and want to learn more of what Software Development is to join. I would say the cherry on top would be to get some really high up CEO's or Technolgy Influencers to join and give insight on what they feel would be the best way to break into tech from their perspective.

n3ilsentence profile image
N3il Sentence

I've been building websites for a few years (still consider myself a junior level programmer), and I work for a local art school to establish a digital arts center. My main interest for attending here is that I've been interested in accessibility questions for a long time already and keep finding myself building websites that aren't very accessible. Pulling off responsive is something I already celebrate LOL but that's so not the end goal. Why do my websites not talk more or have buttons to optimize readability etc? It bothers me.

n3ilsentence profile image
N3il Sentence

I'll reply to myself as there's no edit option (...-button doesn't respond to my mouse clicks on Win10, Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Another thing I'm interested in is ways to engage audiences without a strong STEM background or other "disabilities", kids, elderly, etc.

Basically though art and experimentation - getting people into a mindset of "I can break this can open and play with the settings and observe effects"... The environment of an art school allows me to take the technical aspect less seriously (good for impostor s.!) and focus more on the "let's mess around with it!"

divyanshpingle profile image
Divyansh Pingle 👾 • Edited on

To takeaway lots of practical advice 🎯 from seasoned developers 🧑‍💻 , apply them in my dev-journey 👣 , to upskill 🚀myself and to become more active 🤩 in the community.

electroholmes profile image

Being a tech enthusiast, I felt that CodeLand is a very important, interactive way of learning the significance of Technologies around us. So I am very excited to join this event!