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#CNC2021 "Start Coding" Completion Thread

BIG CONGRATS on making it to your final mission and completing the challenge!

Bender dancing

Once you've read through your final mission email and written your final reflection post using this template, comment below with the following...

  • Your biggest win from the last few weeks (what you’ve made, what you’ve learned about yourself, etc)
  • A link to your live reflection post on CodeNewbie Community (again, using this template
  • A link to your final project (better yet, embed it using liquid tags!)
  • A picture of you doing a victory dance! (Your favorite GIF of a victory dance will also work.)

Don't forget to ask three people for feedback on your code! Folks can leave comments directly on your reflection post.

Finally, be sure to follow all instructions in your final mission email to make sure you receive a well-earned profile badge and a special surprise 👀 Info here

Congrats on challenging yourself to Start Coding! If you have any questions about the challenge overall, head to the Start Coding Help Thread. If you ever encounter any technical questions in your coding journey, feel free to write a #help post and share with us!

We are so thrilled to have you as part of the growing CodeNewbie Community. We hope you lean on us as a resource, support system, and source of inspiration!

Top comments (7)

gabrielruiz21 profile image
Gabriel Esteban Ruiz Meneses

Hello everyone. I just want to share my first logical program on python. Is been a really productive week. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

anushkacodergirl profile image
Anushka Raj

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to share my reflection post. I would love it if you could take your time out to see it and give some feedback.

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

This is so awesome. Thank you so much for sharing and HUGE congrats!

aivanvarma profile image
Eero Saarinen

My biggest win has definitely been the routine of daily work that I've started! Well, except for this weekend when I had to take a short pause just to rest a bit.

Here's my reflection and my project, though the project is far from finished one.

GitHub logo AivanVarma / Space-Shooter

Space Shooter made with Unity

For the victory dance, hmm... I wouldn't go that far yet, because I feel that I've just barely scratched the surface of coding and software development in general. And for that reason I would appreciate if you could use your time and go through my project and give some feedback.

noviicee profile image
Novice • Edited on

My win was to develop a routine of daily learning. I will do my best to not stop it! Also I found a new habit to read. The resources shared every week led me to read a lot of blogs and posts and I truly wish to keep moving the same way as I did during the Challenge!

Here's my reflection and my final project. Though it is not something very big, but I would like to share here the contributions which I was able to make as a result of my learnings. Also, I would like to share my repository, in which I have added code-samples of pages which I made during learning.:
My Repo

Please feel free to go through these and provide feedback. I would be glad to work on making my codes better :) 💚

unable to upload gif :')

theg9ius profile image

Hi. I wanted to share my reflections post here. Will be glad if you could take your time out and see it.

maryam12kh profile image
Maryam Khan

hello i just completed my tribute page using Html and CSS