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Learning a bit about... Python part 1


I'm currently learning React by creating projects. Which is taking a while, as there's a lot to learn. But there are so many things out there I want to learn and only so many hours in a day. And coding for all of them is not a good idea.

So to give my brain a break, one day a week I'm going to learn the basics of something completely unrelated to what I'm currently doing. I'll probably totally confuse myself by the end of it, but I'll have some idea of what's going on with other languages.

This week it's Python.

What I knew about the language before I started

  • It's good for people new to programming to learn
  • There are no semi-colons or curly brackets, it's all about indentation
  • You can use it to scrape websites and make Discord bots. It's also used to make the solitaire card games collection on my computer, PySol
  • Related to Python are Django and Jupyter Notebook. I don't know what those are (except that every time I see Jupyter I think it's a misspelling of Jupiter)

What I did

Traversy Media's Python Crash Course For Beginners

I chose this because I already subscribe to Traversy Media and knew he has crash courses. This one as 1 hour 35 minutes, which took me about 2 and a bit hours to get through (my typos really slowed me down...).

Someone commented that the comparisons with JavaScript in the video helped, so since I knew JavaScript it seemed like a good video to go with. He also had starting and finishing files, so I could code along and then check the finished file if I had an error and couldn't see what was wrong (it was always a typo).

What I learnt

The basics really. The trouble with programming is that you want to create something, but have to learn the language first. This was just about learning the language.

What I thought about the language

I liked Python, it feels a lot more like it's written in English than JavaScript. Although I had to keep stopping myself from typing semi-colons at the ends of lines. Even though these days I have Prettier add them for me. It's hard to break the habit.

Now I know the basics, I'd like to know what you can do with it. So I'm going to have a look for a beginner's tutorial to create something that interests me (and isn't too long a video).

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