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How do you stay motivated to learn and progress?

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In the thread below, tell us how you stay motivated to learn and progress.

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Rebecca Key

Revisit your old code: it's the best documentation you have on showing yourself how far you've come!

vcerpasalas profile image
Valeria Cerpa Salas

I am motivated to learn and progress remembering what first motivated me to start this learning path. I think about that moment and I also think about the vision I have of myself after finishing this learning process, where I want to go, where I want to work and what I want to do. I also think about my family, since they are my main motivation to move forward.

kasopej profile image
Kasope Johnson
  1. Remind myself I'm in this for the long-term and so need to keep moving
  2. Might sound crazy, but I have a goal of being one of the most accomplished and influential software engineers in Africa
christopheraaron_ profile image
Christopher Aaron

A daily, morning reminder of how far I've come as a programmer. 2021 me would be proud!

hussain_codes profile image
Hussain Codes

3 things I try to do:

  1. Managing frustration
  2. Consistency
  3. Taking care of myself
mariasilva_dev profile image
Maria Silva

Learning to code at home with a self paced workshop can be really isolating. One of the things I started doing was listening to The freeCodeCamp podcast, stories like "from successful plumber to full-time developer" are so inspiring! Those stories keep me going! Another thing I recently started doing was participating in #100DaysofCode to keep myself accountable and to keep going everyday.

argemflores profile image
Argem Flores

Learning from productivity gurus and Stoics for personal growth and sharing with others. Keep moving forward, always. 😊

talib1996 profile image
M.Fahad Imtiaz

By thinking that I'm not perfect and need to learn .

stweffy_88 profile image
Stephanie Poon

Breaking down goals into manageable chunks, but also being kind to myself if I don't comprehend something straight away. If something doesn't make sense, I will do more research and try another method or just take a break for a little while to come back to what I am working on at another time.

tsbrun profile image
Anya Brun

The more I learn, the more confident I am in myself. Also, it gives me an opportunity to connect with other people who are learning the same things or who know more than I do and are open to sharing their knowledge.

dyarawilliams profile image
D'yara Williams

I remind my self that consistency is key. And remind myself that without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

mayankzz profile image
Mayank Pawar

I always keep one thing in my mind and that is "Why you started all of this? What is your motive?" and that single statement keeps me motivated and determined whenever am doing any type of unproductive task.

hatricia profile image

I have a list of projects I want to make. Maybe my skills aren't there yet, but I know that as soon as I learn enough to do one of them, I'll start building. So it's partially excitement to learn new things, and then also the anticipation of creating one of those things.

eshelton98 profile image
Erik Shelton

The main thing that keeps me motivated is a strong internal desire to have a career I enjoy, and the ability to comfortably support my family.

mreves profile image
Matt Eves

Having a project / goal that I'm working on has helped motivate me, especially where it is a group project and not just my own. This has meant I'm accountable to others which has added motivation. The trade-off is I work full time in a non-coding career, with a young family and all the associated "stuff" that comes with those things so the trick is finding the healthy balance between everything πŸ˜…